5 thoughts on “Windows 8, Ubuntu Dual Boot On The ExoPC

  1. Glad I stumbled upon this. I had an issue with installing to a logical partition, which had 40GB of space and previously contained Windows XP. WinXP used a 100MB primary partition for boot information, and I could not find any reason why I was getting an "Insufficient disk space to install windows 8" popup. Now, I realize that the 100MB was insufficient for the loader, and not my 40GB partition. I only post here because anyone not aware that Windows 8 can be installed to a logical partition might better be able to find this page. Thanks, I'm now happily running Arch Linux and Windows 8 in dual boot.
  2. Thanks for cool post. You can run all four OS's by following the below steps.

    1.Remove the partition2 /dev/sda2 (swap) using gparted from Ubuntu.
    3.Create nfts partition with minimum of 20 GB or shrink other partitions to get more space.
    3.Update the /etc/fstab of WeTab with correct devices (Remove the swap partition line itself).
    4.For meego also you may need update /etc/fstab with correct device details.
    5.update the /boot/grub/grub.cfg with correct device and boot loading text.

    Here critical thing is having right /dev/ configured in /etc/fstab files for each of the OSs.

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