3 thoughts on “Review: Opera Browser Beta 16 for Android With Redesigned Off-Road Mode

  1. The lack of bookmarks doesn't affect me or any person I know, just so you know it doesn't "affect everyone". Speed Dial has been enough.

    As for the font bug I hope you used Opera's bug report wizard to let them know.

    Great review. On point! :)
    • Thanks, I'm OK with Speed Dials instead of bookmarks. Opera just needs to make the Speed Dial's target URLs editable so they can be used to store bookmarklets. As it is now there's no way to save bookmarklets which effects every one who uses bookmarklets.

      I've filed two bug reports on the font issue. One when the first Opera Browser Beta came out several months ago (the bug has been in every Opera Browser for Android Beta and Release version). I filed another bug report yesterday.

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