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  1. Bolt is a great browser.I have been using operamini for a while now- worked well for me but unlike mini ,bolt gives a better browsing experiencing more similar to that on PC.Although mini is slightly faster, I think bolt is still the better choice for heavy site users.
  2. Compared to the Symbian Web browser and Opera's browsers, Bolt's user experience just doesn't compare at all. Since it is another proxy-based browsing system, users should consider if the privacy sacrifice is worthwhile, as Bolt seems to offer no unique advantage. However, Bolt is designed to work on any mobile phone, particularly underpowered feature phones, which lack the power of S60, so maybe there's a market for it here. Then again, the same can be said of Opera Mini, which offers a far better user experience on Symbian (but does lack embedded video support).

    Overall, Bolt is not recommended for S60 users.
  3. A question. Why i can't i download anything via my bolt browser, adobe flash player for example. It keeps telling me, file write failed. I use a samsung b3210.
  4. I wanted a 2nd Web Browser for my Berry Curve 8330. After installing a few and playing with them, I found that BOLT was AWESOME! Bolt Browser worked excellent on my blackberry. The browser was fast, like the pointer just like I have on my PC, liked the interface and ease of use, as well as all the other optionsBOLT has to offer that other Blackberry browsers fail to have.

    All in all, I give BOLT MOBILE BROWSER for BLACKBERRY 5 out of 5 stars and rate it EXCELLENT!
  5. Wel..bolt disoppoints to run in lower end phons..but opera is fine..and opera mini is way ahead of bolt..wel in high end phones both of them dont make much of difrnce,its abt which one prfmnce in lower end phones.and the winner is opera mini.
  6. The best with opera mini is that (it support all mobile phone's) version 3.0 is for midp 1.0
    high version of opera is for midp 2.0 like opera mini 4.2 the best in this version it has feature like save page that enable offline veiwing support's desktop viewing and has built-in mouse coursor it turn's your phone into a mini pocket pc and has secured connection opera software 5.0 or higher also support palm and blackberry they have version for the iphone and all windows mobile also on android phone see that version in m.opera.com i have opera mini 4.2 it even run's on my nokia 2600c non-java non-symbian my phone's platform is NOKIA OS can you even believe it opera mini is still powerful than bolt that only support few handset odd (posted on may 2010)
  7. reviews is just for background but not in all circmstances its reliable,hhehehe i agree with some facts said in the review but one thing i dont like with bolt is its user interface, it loks odd for me,hahahhaa

    nevertheless, ill still go after for opera mini, theirs a lot of version of opera mini that many pipz dont knw,heheheh try searching for modified opera mini, even opera mini 4.2 already have multi windows, multi tabbing, and lot more features except for it is a modified one and you cant download it on operas regular site though opera mini 5.o v18741 is already out which already have the same features with ucweb, it can save page,it does have download manager, can copy/paste web pages, capable for multi tabbing,
    in addition, i have tried to do streaming in opera mini 4.2 using sony ericson and its not buffering,hehehehe
  8. Hello,i download bolt browser version 1.50 for my nokia 6085 so please i need settings or manual setting so that i can be able to use it.tanx you.
  9. Dazzy, on S60 phones like the N70, Bolt converts the video to a mobile format and launches Real Player to show the vid. If it doesn't work the problem is probably either:
    1: You need to configure real Player's default access point: RealPlayer->Settings->Streaming->Network->Default access point set it to the same access point that you are using for Bolt.
    2: Your mobile network operator is blocking video streaming, in which case there is nothing you can do other than changing operators.

    BTW, the MySpace link you posted as your homepage is invalid.
  10. Helo jst heard abt d bolt browser i instald it on my n70 bt it dosent seem to be playing d youtube videos.It jst loads and after nothing happens. Pls any suggestion on wat to do bcoz i need a mobile web browser dat can perform such tax n dis is d first one am coming accross
  11. Some times things just happen.

    I loaded the Bolt browser on my SonyEricssonK610i and proceeded to browse an XHTML-MP web site. It's all as stated in the review. It displayed the desktop version of the site which meant a bit of scrolling around the page. It favored the screen version for CSS.
    This is all good... BUT it's wrong! It's a mobile web site.

    So I flicked the setting onto mobile view and.... nothing much happened. Session control on the site being viewed had accepted the initial browser attributes on it's first view. The screen did resize to the mobile phone instead of the 800x800 desktop view though.

    No problem, I exited the site and reentered with mobile view engaged.


    That's odd the site now thinks it's a SonyEricssonK610i. A bit of checking and all is revealed.

    The following is the HTTP headers of a Bolt Browser on a Sony Ericsson K610i:

    HOST: vulpine.mobi
    ACCEPT-ENCODING: deflate, gzip
    ACCEPT: text/javascript,text/ecmascript,application/x-javascript,text/html,application/vnd.wap.xhtml+xml,application/xhtml+xml,text/css,text/vnd.wap.wml,application/vnd.wap.wmlc,application/vnd.wap.wmlscriptc,application/java-archive,application/java,application/x-java-archive,text/vnd.sun.j2me.app-descriptor,application/vnd.oma.drm.message,application/vnd.oma.drm.content,application/vnd.wap.mms-message,application/vnd.wap.sic,text/x-co-desc,application/vnd.oma.dd+xml,*/*
    HTTP: //wap.sonyericsson.com/UAprof/K610iR201-3G.xml
    USER-AGENT: SonyEricssonK610iv/R6BC Browser/NetFront/3.3 Profile/MIDP-2.0 Configuration/CLDC-1.1
    VIA: 1.1 (squid/2.6.STABLE9)
    X-FORWARDED-FOR: 999.999.999.999,
    CACHE-CONTROL: max-age=259200
    CONNECTION: keep-alive
    Address: 999.999.999.999
    Port: 55106
    Method: GET

    They've also included the UAProfile which is pretty fly.
    However, just because everyone describes the UAProfile as X-WAP-PROFILE shouldn't mean that Bolt has to call it something else...

    It is also unclear if CSS in mobile view is disregarding the screen media type. It appears to render any CSS presentation regardless of media type in any given browser setting. Doh!! Just when it was going so well too.... :-)

    In mobile view(On a SE K610i) there doesn't appear to be any identification of the Bolt Browser other than IP address.

    Would it be so wrong just to stick with existing structures like the following:


    or just the 'standard' structure with X-BOLTBROWSER: included for Bolt browser specifics.

    All in all though, the browser does seem to be moving forward and getting better as it goes.

    Multiple selection in XHTML select/option markup would be nice some time in the future too.
  12. Its hardly a new product they have been trying to sell the same browser for the last 5 year.

    Its one of the slowest browser i have ever used, do these guys really compress 23 to 1?

    On CNN.com the content on the top navigation overlaps.

    On BB the wheel skips and doesn't move quick enough.

    If a link moves onto another line, the link is not displayed as one but as two different lines.

    Im done Im going back to Opera
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  16. I found two more problem of the app. Although Gmail, Yahoo Mail and Hotmail pc sites all function fairly well on Bolt, when you try to write you get stuck after some time. You can't write a long e-mail as the text input limit is rather low.

    On Ucweb Symbian in is unlimited on my Nokia N70 and most Java apps like Opera Mini have a limit of 5524 characters, which is generally enough.

    As for Bloglines, although the feeds page works in the pc version, when you click on a feed you only get part of the collected items, and then when you click on a particular link you don't get the relevant page but are taken to the next feed on the list. In the mobile version links do work.
  17. Thanks Dennis, it's a very informative review by you as always. I found the URL of the Bolt home page on the Opera Mini forum earlier today and got prompt e-mail links on both my Nokia N70 and my wife's Sony Ericsson K530i once we registered. The app runs well on both phones as you have described.

    As for video playback, on the N70, which has no Flash Lite pre-installed, videos from the Youtube pc site are re-directed to the native browser which in turn downloads them before playing them on Realplayer. However, videos from their mobile site are steamed directly through Realplayer. On the SE, videos are played in the tiny box that appears on the browser itself and are hardly visible.

    And my Hotmail account could be handled well in pc version. Currently Opera Mini presents only the mobile site of Hotmail and on Ucweb you can't log in as it says the cookies are off.

    As you say, for an initial beta, she results are impressive in general. After all, Teashark has not managed to reach this level after all this time.
  18. Excellent Review in a short time!
    I quite agree with you on all things. I very much wish it had a true mobile like that of Mini and Ucweb. With a 2 inch screen, horizontal scrolling of any degree is irksome. One other thing i wish for is (more) customizable shortcuts. Its still in closed beta, so that leaves a lot to hope for :).

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