8 thoughts on “Updated Opera Mini Bookmarklets Page

  1. Thanks a lot for o.Yeswap.COM.
    You might be interested in how i managed to edit the Calculator bmlet to have it working at my vodaphone 533 ?
    Well, could not use the editor of my phone for that because of the length of it. it would be saved as a bookmark though. Got it synchronised using Opera Link and in the web interface did do the edit easy enough.
    Still: wondering how it is handling the user input :)

    Reading part 3 of using the speeddials: i saw something peculiar. In OM 4.2 the * is used, not the #, to get the number of speeddialing. although I am making myself the same mistake too often.
    Suppose nobody was fooled.

    Something that could really make me very glad, is a bookmarklet to check links with siteadvisor or domaintools. Is that a realistic idea?
    i hope so.
    • Thanks for the heads up. I fixed the #/* typo.

      Try using the Web of Trust bookmarklet as an alternative to Siteadvisor. I'll see if I can make a SiteAdvisor bookmarklet.
      For DomainTools.com. Use the Popurius bookmarklet and clik the WHOIS link to see the site's DomainTools report
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  3. I discovered that you can use the 'Linkify' bookmarklet to help you click the next page on Google Image Search classic mode when you are in mobile view on Opera Mini.
  4. Thanks for adding the four bookmarklets to o.yeswap.com. I'm just curios if you tested this "Linkify" bookmarklet
    I use this bookmarklet mainly on the Yahoo Wap Messenger page. When i receive a link from my friends, Opera Mini 4.2 treats the link as text so if i want to check that link i have to use the "Linkify" bookmarklet . Is this bookmarklet work for you?

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