45 thoughts on “No More Openwave SDKs?

  1. Hello Dennis,

    I would like to setup an OMA Download Server for the test of a OMA Download Agent client. Searching on Google, I frequently find results dealing with OpenWave simulator. Is this software can be used as an OMA Download Server?

  2. Thank you. I'm a rank beginner and only needed enough help to create an app for my daughter that did no more than tell her to call her Mother.
  3. Gee, thanks a lot, i'll never delete my installer files again. i had this simulator which i used for my final year project in between 2007 and 2008, using WML and ASP, and now just last night i thought of hosting the application,just for me to navigate to their site and download, i was totally disappointed, everything was gone. Anyway thanks a lot man. I really wan't to get back into mobile web development.
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  5. I have downloaded the openwave v70.The problem now,i do not know where to start.I want to start writing a simple program.

    Do I need to install Apache?And write all the program in notepad?
  6. hello sir,
    i am a very new developer of mobile web sites and i got tutorials of openwave. but when i visited the site it was all gone. nothing is provided there. but i visited this page and found everything needed for my kick start, I am very thankful to you. i want to grow up from basic technology. u helped me alot. a very sincere thanks to you
  7. Thanks. I am facing a bug in my application related to the sam eissue. Happy that yu had it with you. thanks..
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  9. I to surprise the openwave as closed the SDK/simulator, Any how thanks a lot and taken the pain to upload here. At last i found here. This will help for developers. :-)
  10. thank you..but which one of these link i dont know. originally i want to search for openwave sdk 5.0 simulator. so which one of ur link should i use?
    • I don't have the 5.0 simulator. If you are testing wml content use the 4.1.1 one, if you're testing xhtml-mp or html content use the 6.2.2 one. AFAIK, few, if any phones were ever shipped with the 5.0 browser.
  11. That's really kind of you for the upload. Thx a lot!
    i need it to complete my essay. in a word, i love u so much.
  12. THANK YOU for this wonderful upload. I searched for a long time for this. This is very helpful and the article you wrote was very informative.
  13. Thanks a lot for the files, I was looking for them to see if my not being able to access Facebook was my mobile company's fault, or OpenWave.
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  15. Regarding the relevance of Openwave software, let me mention that KDDI from Japan continues to release all its terminals with version 6.2.2 of the browser.

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