6 thoughts on “Making the Most of the Android G1 and Magic’s Limited RAM

  1. Properly I've been addicted to flashing, because of VZW not looking us to have access to the GPS on our phones. So I found the threads that tought me to flash my phone. Can even cook a little, but there are much greater chefs out there, so I'm content to toast their work. I at present am running Lioryte's 23529 assemble in the WinMo 6.five.1 on the Samsung Omnia with VZW. So now I've won the Behold 2 from Samsung, been playing with it for a couple of months.We've it rooted, I have BusyBox on it and aHome UI. looks good, functions great, but as well significantly bloatware. (The Cube and far more) Tried the Galaxy trick, very quick and total of useable memory. It's Android one.five pure. I would rather update the B2, not revert to Galaxy, and assemble from that. I will if that's the only way, I'll check new Odins to the B2 and do whatever enable I can to aid the B2 community advance the top quality of this telephone.I'm searching forward to helping make the B2 the greatest Android cellphone available.
  2. Very nice! Thanks for the tip! I was about to get a new phone because my G1 is getting extremely sluggish. Looks like I can get a more touches out of it :)

    Thanks again!
  3. Thanks for this share! I've been thinking about picking up one of the older gen Android phones, but the pretty crappy specs have pretty much held me back. Maybe I'll reconsider now =)

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