CNN has excellent coverage but the official mobile site is only available on partner mobile networks. The first listing is the on-deck site. If it doesn't work for you try one of the alternate versions below which should work on any device, any network.
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CNN US Edition

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 New CNN US mobile site CNN's mobile site offers full coverage of world and lacal news, 5-day weather forecasts for over 1000 cities around the world, plus sports, entertainment, technology and business news.

There are also hourly two minute video news reports. The non-streaming 3gp videos run around 600 KB and should play on most recent phones.

CNN is also encouraging users to submit videos and pictures of breaking news from their mobile device by MMS or email to This user generated content will be featured in a special i-Report area on the mobile site.

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CNN Ondeck Version

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This official CNN site for carrier portals refuses connections if your mobile provider doesn't have an agreement with CNN. If you get an error, use the one of the off portal alternative at


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