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ImageChef Mobile

Ever wanted a personalized license plate? Your own star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame? How about seeing your message on one of those big track side signs at a Formula One circuit? Now that would be cool!

ImageChef Mobile is a free service that lets you add your own message to a large collection of stock images. It's very easy to use. Just visit m.imagechef.com with your phone's browser, select an image template, type in your message and press the "Personalize" button (bottom image). Immediately the image is redisplayed with your customized message embedded. You can download and save it to use as wallpaper, send as an MMS or assign to a contact. Mobile images are available in two sizes; 120x120 px and 220x220 px. There are about a hundred images to choose from divided into categories like Sports, Signs, Friendship, Work and License Plates.

ImageChef - Hollywood WAP REVIEW

ImageChef Mobile has a desktop counterpart with more and larger 300x300 px templates including a few video templates. The desktop site has code for embedding the finished images in your website and buttons for sharing them on Twitter, Facebook and other social networks. According to terms on ImageChef's desktop site, the images, which carry a small watermark in the lower right corner are free for personal use. Elsewhere on the site ImageChef seems to define personal use rather broadly to include use on personal web sites and blogs. "Pro" membership at $10/month or $80/year removes the watermark, allows commercial use and lets you create the images in any size. ImageChef also has an API allowing developers to use it in mashups for things like chat sites and messaging services.

Image Chef does a remarkably good job of integrating your text into the stock image templates with very clean transitions and closely matched fonts, colors and text orientation. I found it a lot of fun to play with. Source:Oh! Mobile Directory


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