Mobile now has a mobile site. Thanks to Kevin Tofel at James Kendrick’s for discovering this site and sharing it.

SeatGuru, which has been on the full web for five years, tells travelers something they never know enough about until too late – airline seats. The site has tables comparing seat width and pitch and in-flight amenities for all the aircraft types in the fleets of 29 airlines. The best part of SeatGuru are the detailed seating charts which show the locations of power ports, restrooms and galley and give each seat a color-code; white for a typical seat, green for a particularly good seat – usually one with extra log room, yellow for a not so good seat that doesn’t recline fully or is near a restroom and red for a truly bad seat which usually means one with multiple problems.

Mobile SeatGuru has the same color coded seating charts as the full site. It’s easy to navigate: first pick your airline and then choose the aircraft from a list. A typical seat map page is about 1 KB of markup and 25 KB of images which just about any WAP2 browser should be able to handle. The charts themselves are 200 px wide. The site works well on QVGA devices or any browser that can resize images to screen width, like recent versions of the Openwave browser and Opera Mini. Even on the 176 px screen of the Motorola RAZR which doesn’t resize images or support horizontal scrolling you can still see all the relevant information as the 24 pixels that are cut off are just white space and the right-hand border. If the images are too wide to display properly on your phone, the Google Transcoder does a great job with this site.

I’ve added SeatGuru to the /Travel-Transit/Air Travel section of the YesWap mobile portal.

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