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Revision3 produces and distributes Internet TV shows which are available on YouTube, Tivo and iTunes and via Android and iOS apps. Current shows include Diggnation, Lifehacker, TechnoBuffalo and many more (mostly consumer tech and video gaming oriented) shows.

Revision3’s stealth mobile site at, which isn’t mentioned or linked to on the desktop site, offers most of Revision3’s content in smartphone friendly format (320×180, H.264/AVC video, MPEG-4 AAC audio). The videos I tried played well on all my test smartphones, including a Nokia N8 and N95, Samsung Wave bada phone, Palm Pixi Plus WebOS device and an HTC Magic Android phone.

Delivery is by progressive HTTP download so videos start to play immediately on platforms (Symbian^3, WebOS, Android and iOS) that support progressive downloads. The Wave and N95  don’t and had to download the full video before playback could start. In spite of their relatively low resolution, the videos played in full screen on all the devices. Playback was smooth and free from lag.

Revision3 is a nice addition to the mobile video scene. There’s a lot of interesting, professionally produced content on the site, performance is good and I like that the site’s designers made an effort to support a wide range of platforms.

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  1. Does this application work whith all nokia phone that support web,multimedia,etc.if yes then its very very great not good think of that.well my device is nokia 5200 i wish it will work just fine.

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