Unboxing the Nokia N9 Part 1

NokiaConnects (formerly WOMWorld/Nokia) has sent me a Nokia N9 loaner to try out and review. I am very excited about getting a chance to try this rare, limited production  device. I’ve honored it with my first ever un-boxing video which is embedded below.

If your wondering about the way the video ends, yes I did eventually figure out how to turn the N9 on. I had to (horrors!) look in the manual, but it’s really very easy. I’m editing another video where are I walk through powering up the phone and doing initial the setup including adding a WiFi connection but I won’t keep you in suspense. The power button is the unlabeled silver button on the right side of the phone just below the volume rocker. I initially mistook it for the camera shutter button (silly me) and never tried pushing it.

8 thoughts on “Unboxing the Nokia N9 Part 1

  1. I was really hoping the MeeGo N9 would come to America. I was thinking it could be a replacement for my iPhone. But no luck. They’ll only be selling the Windows Phone version here, which I will not be getting.

  2. so what do you think. is it worth $800? its available here in retail and although i like meego i feel kinda… you know 800 bucks is a lot of money for a phone and os that has no future. is it really worth it?

    • The N9 is a beautiful phone that delivers a unique, easy and productive user experience. I love the form factor and feel of the phone. But as much as I like the phone, open source and open systems I can’t justify spending $800 for it.

      As you noted, MeeGo/Harmattan is an orphan OS. It’s also an initial release and as expected there are some bugs and usability issues. No show stoppers so far but things that need to be fixed. I’m sure there will be several updates and the phone will be a highly functional collectors item for years to come. If you can afford it and want a unique phone, go for it. But on a tangible level the N9 is not worth $800 in my opinion.

  3. nice video.
    Are the earphones the bud in ear type or just the regular ones, couldnt hear it right on the video?
    Are you starting a you tube channel now?

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