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Mobile Europe

New to me, but Mobile Europe has apparently been around for 14 years as a controlled circulation (meaning it’s distributed for free to industry professionals) print magazine covering the mobile telecoms industry with a euro-centric focus. It also has a website and this mobile website.

I don’t normally give much shrift to these sorts of indusry rags, which tend to be mostly cut and pasted press releases. But two things caught my eye about Mobile Europe. For one, the content is actually interesting with timely, well written articles and opinion pieces tracking industry news. They aren’t afraid to bite the hand that feeds them either judging by comments like this one  about Carrier IQWhy is the application “hidden” on the phone, and hard to remove? Should there be a level of opt-in, as with location data on other apps, for example?

The other thing I like about Mobile Europe is the mobile site design. It’s a one size fits all affair that manages to strike a nice balance between looking modern and graphically interesting in the decent browsers on Android, iOS, etc. yet was still responsive and usable in the legacy Openwave browser of a low end feature phone I tried it on.

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