Natural Language Calendar and To-Do List Coolendar’s Slick Cross Platform Webapp

Coolendar in Symbian Browser

Coolendar is a deceptively simple looking cloud based calendar and to-do list that’s very easy and intitive to use. You add entries (Coolendar calls them “Plans”) by typing into a single free form field in Coolendar’s iPhone or Android native apps or their Webapp.

Coolendar’s natural language query processor looks for date or time related cues in entries like “Move the car tomorrow” or “Friday 9AM planning meeting” and makes them calendar entries. Items without dates or times are treated as to-do’s.

You can flag entries as Important and mark them as Done. A filter drop down lets you view only entries for Today, Tommorow, This Week or just ones flagged as Important or Done.

Coolendar is well connected. It uses your Google account for authentication and login, but the Coolendar Calendar is independent and is not stored in Google Calendar. If you wish you can sync Coolendar with Google Calendar, Apple ICal or Microsoft Outlook. You can create events using email or Google Chat by sending ┬áthem to a Coolendar account . Coolendar can notify you of impeding events by email or Google Talk. Coolendar’s email notifications contain handy links that let you mark the event as complete or delete and reschedule it.

Although it’s not mentioned on Coolendar’s site, the web app is very mobile aware, the layout and logic adapt to work perfectly in the Android, Symbian and Opera Mobile browsers. It’s even functional, if a bit clunky (too large a font and lots of server round trips) in Opera Mini. I suspect it will work in just about any browser that has at least minimal JavaScript support.

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