Opera Mini For Android Updated to Version 7.5.2

Dabr  - Opera Mini 7.5.1 Dabr Opera Mini 7.5.2

Opera Software has updated Opera Mini for Android. Opera calls the new release 7.5.2, although the version number on the browser’s Help > About screen is 7.5.33286. The previous 7.5.1 version was 7.5.32193 internally.

According to a post by an Opera employee on the My Opera – Opera Mini Forum the changes in this release are:

  • Improved font calculation method
  • Improved fonts for hi-res devices
  • Page layout improvements
  • Various stabilization fixes

I upgraded to the new release on several devices. There definitely are some font changes. The font on many pages is noticeably smaller. The screenshots of the dabr.co.uk Twitter web app (above) and the My Opera Forum below show the difference. In both sets of images, the first one shows the old version and the second the new one. My old eyes prefer the previous version. I recommend you backup Opera Mini using an app like the free ES File Explorer before upgrading in case you don’t like the changes.

My Opera - Opera Mini 7.5.1 My Opera - Opera Mini 7.5.2

Opera Mini 7.5.2 is available now in the Google Play store. Opera’s forum post claims that it “…will be available on our servers later”. I hope that’s true, however Opera.com’s download page hasn’t offered direct downloads of any of Opera’s mobile browsers since it was redesigned earlier this year.

For anyone without Google Play access, I’ve put a copies of the new Opera Mini 7.5.2 on the WapReview server for you to download: Opera Mini_7.5.2.apk (ver 7.5.33286).

And if you upgraded to 7.52 without heading my warning to backup the old version first, here’s the previous version: Opera Mini_7.5.1.apk  (ver 7.5.32193).

Other than having smaller fonts the new release seems good. It reportedly works better on tablets and may have even fixed the Black Screen of Death bug that afflicted the last couple of Opera Mini Android releases. That bug manifested itself when you restored Opera Mini to the foreground after it had been in the background for awhile. The screen would be completely back with no user interface at all. The only way to recover was to terminate Opera Mini with a task manager app or from the Android Manage Applications screen.


7 thoughts on “Opera Mini For Android Updated to Version 7.5.2

  1. [Opera Mini] reportedly works better on tablets and may have even fixed the Black Screen of Death bug that afflicted the last couple of Opera Mini Android releases.
    Unfortunately not the case, Dennis. In fact, I just had to update mine that I updated only in November last year because of this issue. The only balm on the sting was that the latest version featured more than just support for an additional language since the last time I checked (I don’t allow automatic updates so as to avoid permissions creep).

    • I haven’t seen the Black Screen of Death in Opera Mini for Android in over a year. If you are still running 7.5.2 I suggest you update. The current version is 7.6.4 but I prefer Opera Mini Beta 8.0.1 as the menus and status bar buttons aren’t so tiny on high-resolution devices as they are with the non-Beta versions.

  2. Hi Dennis, im using samsung gt I5503 handset android version 2.1, im unable to upgrade opera mini 7.5.2 and newer version. Whenever i installed the newer version of opera mini its going to be crashed. it doesn’t even get install. please help how could i install newer versions of opera mini?

    • The problem is probably caused by a conflict with another app, low memory or RAM or a corrupted system app or database.

      Do a hard reset to clean up memory and storage and restore the system to its initial state. Back up photos, ringtones and music to the memory card first as the hard reset will wipe the phone. After resetting install Opera Mini only. If it works reinstall other apps one by one and check that Opera Mini still works.

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