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Delicious Mobile Yahoo owned social bookmarking site launched a mobile web version yesterday.  It’s at  The mobile site is a pretty basic read-only affair, it doesn’t even seem possible to add a bookmark using the mobile version.  What mobile Delicious does provide is a low bandwidth view of your bookmarks, inbox, tags, subscriptions, network and the top 10  URLs as defined by “Delicious Popular”.   You can browse your bookmarks by tag and search for a tag.  The site works well for what seems to be Its main purpose; using your delicious bookmarks on a mobile phone.

The target of Delicious mobile is clearly the low end embedded browsers found on most feature phones.  Bookmarks are paginated, 10 to a page and the only image is a tiny Delicious logo.  Page weight including the image and CSS averages a reasonably petite 11  KB, of which 4 KB is a rather bloated looking style sheet.

I don’t really see myself using this site much, at least not until it includes an add bookmark form that can be automated with a bookmarklet.  I’m already a big Delicious user with over 3000 bookmarks.  I ‘ve been using it for years with Opera Mini.  In fact most of my bookmarks were posted from Mini using a bookmarklet.  The full version of Delicious works very well in Opera Mini, UCWEB and S60WebKit.  I just hope Yahoo doesn’t start forcing mobile users to the mobile version of Delicious like they have with the Yahoo home page and Y!Mail.  Currently even with Opera Mini, S60WebKit and UCWEB I’m redirected to the mobile versions of most Yahoo web properties with no obvious way to get to the full sites. I’m all for sites offering mobile versions and even redirecting mobile browsers to them, but there needs to be an easy way for mobile visitors to get to the full sites too. Source: Delicious Blog via Mashable.

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  1. When I visited Delicious today to check its mobile version,I was very disappointed.It is a traditional example of how big players think of and handle the mobile versions of their websites.(Yahoo! did the same thing with Flickr as well.Fortunately,they were not as successful there as on Delicious!) James Pearce called the site a “fad”.He is pretty true.Delicious mobile is not tasty at all!

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