Check Your Blood Alcohol With Your Phone

Blood Alcohol Checker - Results pageThe Century Council, an alcoholic beverage industry group, is sponsoring a free blood alcohol checking site on the mobile web at  The idea is that before you go out to a party or a night on the town you use the site to calculate your projected blood alcohol concentration.  If the result is over the legal limit of .08 you are warned. if you plan on getting really sloshed by say, downing 10 shots in an hour you will see some thing like “Significantly over the legal limit to drive. May experience extreme impairment, including total mental confusion, nausea and vomiting, difficulty walking, etc.”

The wizard style interface prompts you for your sex, weight, the number and  type of drinks you expect to consume and the number of hours you will be drinking.

This sort of thing is a great idea and hopefully it will keep some of us out of jail and more importantly save a few lives this holiday season.

I’m not wild about the site’s design, however.  It works but seems rather cumbersome for such a simple concept. There are six pages to click though to before you get your result.  First there are two! welcome pages and then a separate page each sex, weight, type/number of drinks and time.  Surely several of these could be combined.  The welcome could easily go on one page along with the sex and weight selection.  The time period text box doesn’t need a page of its own either, there is no reason it couldn’t be combined with the type and number of drinks selection. With these changes the pages would still be under the 10KB of markup that the least capable phones are limited too.  Fewer pages would mean less time wasted on network overhead and would make the whole experience less tedious. Source:

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3 thoughts on “Check Your Blood Alcohol With Your Phone

  1. Yes.You are right Dennis.The invalidity of meta tag should not stop the page to load on a browser.

    To confirm about IP blocking,I checked it with a Russian IP.The site is working fine with it.I don’t understand why they blocked some Indian IPs.Drinking is as serious in India as in USA!

  2. @Naiyer, That’s strange. It’s working for me on every browser I tried. It’s a pretty vanilla site: xhtnl-mp sent as text/html with UTF-8 encoding.

    The meta tags aren’t closed properly for xhtml ‘>’ instead on ‘/>’ but that shouldn’t keep it from loading especially as it’s sent as html not xml.

    Maybe they are blocking non-US IPs. That would be pretty stupid though

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