Easy Status updates With Ping.fm Mobile

Ping.fm MobileThanks to Mark Guim at The Nokia Blog, I’ve discovered a neat new mobile tool. It’s Ping.fm’ s mobile site and Mark used to announce his engagement! Congratulations Mark.

If you don’t know Ping.fm, it’s a service that lets you simultaneously update multiple social networks. So instead of posting  a Tweet to Twitter and then going to Facebook and any and all the other social networks that you use and updating your status on each one – you just update once on Ping.fm all the services get the new status automatically. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, FriendFeed, LiveJournal, Bebo, hi5, Mashable and Delicious are just a few of the services that Ping.fm can update. It’s not limited to status updates either, you can post documents of any length, including images, so ping.fm can be used for posting simultaneously to multiple blogs.

There are lots of ways to send an update to ping.fm; you can use the ping.fm website, an iGoogle Gadget or update  by email or IM.   Ping.fm has an API and 3rd parties have written tons of plug-ins and apps so that you can post to ping.fm from within WordPress, Facebook, a Mac Gadget, FriendFeed and many other platforms.

Add to that list the mobile web.  Ping has a lightweight mobile site at m.ping.fm with an iPhone variant at i.ping.fm. Both mobile sites are functionally identical, a text box where you type your message, and a “Ping It!” submit button.  There is also a  drop-down that lets you override your default posting format (status, micro-blog or blog) or choose a specific service to post too.  Simplicity itself.  Via: All About Symbian

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