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BBTrade Tips and Tricks ForumAs a new user of an old BlackBerry 7100i, I’ve been making heavy use of the LazyWeb and its offspring, the LazyMobile Web to learn the secrets of this powerful but quirky device and to find games and apps to download.  Here are quick reviews of a couple of BlackBerry specific mobile sites I’ve found useful. I’ve added them to the WapReview Directory’s BlackBerry section.

BlackBerryTrade (  is a relatively new BlackBerry news blog, user forum and download site. The mobile edition of BlackBerryTrade  doesn’t include the blog , only the downloads and forums.  The download selection is pretty limited at the moment with just four applications and 19 themes.  JoJoC HomepageThe best part of the BlackBerryTrade is the forums, especially the “BlackBerry Tips and Tricks” section.  It’s one of the best collections of  beginner and advanced BlackBerry tips I’ve seen. There’s some great stuff there; like how to use the Storm on AT&T or T-Mobile and an easy way to backup the 3rd party apps on your device. source: Oh! Mobile Directory

If BlackBerryTrade is the site for tips, then is the place for OTA BlackBerry game, theme and game downloads. It has 30+  themes for all models, about 50 backgrounds, 30 applications and nine games.  All but a handful of the downloads are free.  There are a lot of gems  here including many commercial quality games and applications. The only real issue I have with this site is that it doesn’t consistently indicate which device each download is compatible with. So you will waste a a little time downloading things that don’t work but I think  it’s worth it given the selection and quality of JoJoC’s downloads .  Tip, on my 7100i, all the games in the “ScrollWheel” section worked except Texas Hold’em and Sudoku.

JoJoC also has a small “Tips and Tricks” section and a mobile web directory directory.

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