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Mobypicture ( is a new service that lets you upload pictures from your phone to multiple social networks and blogging platforms including Twitter, Jaiku, WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Livejournal, Brightkite, Facebook, Hyves or Vimeo.

Uploading is by MMS, email or a “browse for file” web form on the Mobypicture mobile site. When you upload a picture it’s automatically posted to your accounts on all the networks and services you’ve configured in Mobypicture.

Mobypicture  works well and seems popular, I’m seeing a lot of  people using it on Twitter.  I do wish it had better support for the  embedded browsers on feature phones though. The problem is that the Mobypicture front page averages a whopping 250 KB thanks to 15 90 x 90 px image thumbnails.  That’s a lot of images and to make matters worse the images don’t have their EXIF tags stripped so they are about 8X heavier than necessary.  In its current form you need a smartphone or Opera Mini to be able to use the Mobypicture mobile site although you should be able to upload pictures by MMS or email from just about any phone. Source: Oh! Mobile Directory

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One thought on “Mobypicture – Post Mobile Photos to All Your Networks

  1. It’s a shame that they don’t strip EXIF from the thumbnails. Many of the libraries that can do image resizing can remove the EXIF header with just an extra switch. It would do so much to reduce the load time.

    I made this mistake once years ago on a web album. If one uses the common Imagemagick tools (convert, mogrify) just remember to add a ‘-strip’ switch when you make your thumbnails. It makes a world of difference.

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