Clusty – Mobile Meta Search

Clusty is a meta search engine meaning that it submits your query to multiple search engines like Google, MS Live, Yahoo, etc. and returns the top hits from all the engines.  ClustyThere are lots of meta search engines including Dogpile, Hotbot and MetaCrawler. Clusty claims their meta search is better because it groups similar results into Clusters. But what makes Clusty interesting to me is that it has mobile edition.

Clusty doesn’t search the mobile web which is unfortunate as there is a real need for better mobile search engines. Clusty Mobile searches the PC web and formats the results list for mobile. When you click on a search result Clusty converts to a mobile friendly page using their own transcoder. The transcoder is pretty basic, it handles forms but doesn’t split pages or resize images. By default sites are shown without images, if you want to see the images you have to wait for the imageless page to load and then click a “Show Images” link. Clusty doesn’t remember your selection so you have to repeat the process for each page loaded.

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Via: Infoworld