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The Progress Project is a joint venture by Nokia and Lonely Planet that documents the companies efforts to solve social, environmental and economic problems around the world. The solutions are varied but all involve mobile technology in some way.

The Progress Project’s mobile and desktop Websites report on the various projects with text, photos and video. Currently featured are:

  • Nokia Life Tools – helps Indian farmers bargain more effectively by checking crop prices in neighboring regions using their mobile phones. Life Tools also delivers agricultural information like pest control advice and has a module to help  learn English.
  • Nokia PIER is a mobile app, Facebook widget and Web service that lets Los Angeles and San Francisco commuters monitor and reduce their carbon footprint and exposure to environmental hazards.
  • Nokia Data Gathering lets Brazilian health workers track, monitor and ultimately stop the spread of dengue fever using mobiles for data gathering. The program is credited with a 93% drop in cases of dengue.
  • Nokia Tej provides a mobile phone based order and inventory system to local textile factories in India’s Gujarat province.
  • At the Mobile Learning Institute in San Francisco students use phones to make films promoting environmental responsibility.
  • Mobile Millennium uses phones as sensors to measure California traffic flows and help users find the fastest, least congested routes which  reduces carbon emissions.

The Progress mobile website contains virtually all the content of the Flash based desktop version, including the videos, in an attractive low-bandwidth format suitable for all mobile browsers

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  1. A great example of how a multi-national corporation can help improve the lives of those they touch.

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