Mobile Industry Incompetence Keeps A Two Year Old Post Relevant

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A post I wrote over two years ago about configuring GPRS settings for Java apps, “Solving Opera Mini Connection Problems” has consistently been the most viewed and most commented on WapReview.  I consider its popularity an indictment of what a bad job the industry, particularly mobile operators and handset makers have done in making it easy for users to setup data and run applications on their phones.

In looking it over I noticed some broken links and references to ancient devices and platforms like S60 1st edition and the Motorola V3 and figured it was time for an update.

The post has been completely re-written. This time rather than trying to give configuration information for specific operators and phone models, I’ve provided many more links to online sources databases of operator settings and phone setup guides.  The idea is that instead of  telling you how to set up your phone, which given the number of possible combination of operators and phone models is an impossible task, I’ve tried to give users the tools they need to solve application connection issues with any phone or operator.

Although the post’s title refers to Opera Mini, the problem it addresses is not Opera’s and it’s not limited to Opera Mini. The issue is that handset makers and operators have made it nearly impossible for the average user to configure data for 3rd party applications.  The instructions in the post are applicable to any application that requires data connectivity including; Gmail, Google Apps, Nimbuzz and the Bolt and  UCWEB browsers. So if you are having connection issues with apps on your phone, take a look at “Solving Opera Mini Connection Problems“.

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  1. Yes I agree. A post I made about downloading signed version of Opera Mini still gets visitors to my blog on My Opera daily.

  2. Excellent job :D I need to add links to that rewritten article on Opera Mini fans blog and on my own MyOpera links page.

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