Found On The Mobile Web #217

SB Nation Mobile

Found on the Mobile Web is a weekly WAP Review feature listing newly added and updated sites on the mobile portal and WapReview mobile site directory. With these latest additions the directory and portal now list 2262 mobile sites.


SB Nation Founded a year and a half ago by several ex-AOL and Yahoo executives with seven figures worth of venture capital funding, SB Nation (for Sports Blog Nation), is a network of over 250 individual sports blogs. The SB blogs provide  news, scores and comments  for specific teams, leagues or sports. There are SB blogs for most of the NBA, NFL, NHL and MLB teams, many colleges plus soccer, golf, tennis, motorsports, cycling, horse racing, boxing and just about every other sport you can think of.
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SlashGear   Mobile

Tech News

SlashGear One of the top news blogs covering personal technology and consumer electronics, Slashgear now has a mobile edition. It’s very full-featured and includes all the posts, comments,reviews, columnists and videos from the desktop version. There’s no pagination and images up to 540 px wide make this a resource intensive mobile site with pages up to a megabyte in size.
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Mobile Analysis

Tomi Ahonen Tomi Ahonen’s “Communities Dominate Brands” blog is now available in a mobile formatted version. Tomi is a mobile visionary, consultant and author noted for his long form blog posts that are often outspoken, controversial and contrarian but always backed up with copious statistics, examples and case studies. A must read for everyone in mobile.
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Yahoo World  Cup Mobile

Soccer World Cup

Yahoo The 2010 FIFA World Cup starts June 11th. Yahoo Sports Mobile has launched this World Cup sub site-with schedules, standings, news and player profiles, and once the matches start, live scores. Source: Yahoo Mobile Blog
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Symbian Tweet The mobile edition of a lively, frequently updated tech news blog. Symbian Tweet offers news, game and app reviews and tips and tricks for Nokia, Ovi, Symbian, Maemo and Meego users.
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Eurovision Mobile


Eurovision The official mobile site of the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest has video clips of all the final and semi-final performances. There’s also background information on the contestants.
Eurovision, which is televised live throughout Europe is hugely popular with 600 million people viewing the finals which were won this year by Germany.
The QVGA H264 streaming clips played well on my Symbian and Android handsets.
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Entertainment News

Allie Is Wired Entertainment blog covering celebrity, fashion, movie, tv, and music industry news and gossip. Frequent contests and entertainment swag giveaways. Mobile view by Mobify
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BBC Radio Mobile

News – Europe

BBC Radio Listen live to all the BBC’s radio broadcast services with the Beeb’s just launched mobile radio site. The streaming audio feeds are optimized to work on virtually all mobile devices that support streaming with the exception of the iPhone which will be supported soon. Source: BBC Internet Blog
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Mobile Forums A new mobile forum where users share tips and tricks and game and app downloads for Symbian, Maemo, Android, Sony Ericsson, PSP and jailbroken iPhones.
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