Amazing Hack – Bejeweled As A Symbian Webapp

Crack IT!

If you have a Nokia Symbian S60 3rd or 5th edition phone  you’ve got to try It’s a game called “Crack IT!“, a  faithful reimplementation of the classic Bejeweled game in HTML and JavaScript that runs entirely in the browser. Playability is excellent on my N95 and there are even game sounds and animated hints showing you potential moves.

I had no idea that the much maligned Nokia webkit browser was capable of such a sophisticated user interface and animation. Crack It! was created by I think Nokia needs to contract with them to create some amazing interactive games and webapps to show off the Symbian browser at its best.

If there’s one thing I don’t like about Crack IT! it’s that when you try to play it with any mobile browser other than Nokia WebKit on a S60 device you get a message that your browser is not supported.  I hate it when sites do that.  I suspect that Crack IT! could work on other platforms with newer, more advanced versions of Webkit such as Android, WebOS, iOS and Bada.  I don’t see what Spicelabs has to lose by opening it up to more platforms with the disclaimer that it’s  only tested and supported on Symbian. It’s not like they are offering end user support.  If the game works on another platform that’s great and if it blows up that’s no more disappointing to the user than seeing an unsupported message.