UC Browser 7.5 for Java ME Goes Public

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UC Browser 7.5 for Java ME has been released.  There are no obvious differences from the Beta I blogged about last month, although I imagine there are some behind the scenes bug fixes. Download UC 7.5 Java from ucweb.com or wap.uc.cn (mobile). If you get a non-English page, click the “English” link at the top of the page (bottom of the page on the mobile version) and  then click “Java“. Both signed and unsigned versions are available.  Use the signed version if possible to avoid annoying security prompts.

Changes since 7.4 include:

  • Free Copy: Select text from any portion of a web page by clicking and dragging using the phone’s directional keys or trackball. The selected text can then be copied, used as a search query or shared by SMS. (top images)
  • Pre-Load: Speeds browsing by optionally loading pages linked as “next page” in the background.
  • Alternative Proxy: Adds the ability to set your operator’s proxy address, port, login and password from within the browser. This is mainly useful with Nokia S40 phones which don’t provide proxy fields in their connection options.
  • Keep Alive: An optional feature that prevents HTTP connections from timing out by periodically pinging the server.
  • More Preferences: Additional choices for pagination block size, auto-refresh interval and the number of start page “My Shortcuts” (images below).

  • Default Relay: Provides improved server side compression on some pages.
  • Browser core updates. English versions are now using the same  core as the latest Chinese version.
  • HTTP Headers: The accept-language header is now set correctly to English rather than Chines or blank.
  • Quick up/down: A long-press on the up or down direction key accelerates scrolling.
  • Bug fixes and miscellaneous small enhancements.

UC has not yet released an English localized version 7.5 for the other platforms it supports (Symbian, Windows Mobile, Android and iPhone). The older releases for those platforms do support free copy.

The Java version of UC Browser is not touch screen optimized. It works well on most phones that support Java. although on pure touch devices without a trackball or other pointing device like the Nokia N8 navigating the tightly packed hierarchical menus is a chore.  Symbian^1, Symbian^3 and touch screen Windows Mobile users will be happier with the 7.4 native versions for those platforms which are touch-friendly.

UC Browser is a server assisted browser similar to Opera Mini and Bolt. The server optimizes and compresses pages up to 10X before sending them to the phone. This technology allows even basic feature phones to display the largest full-web pages as well as speeding page loads and reducing transmitted data and costs. UC claims to be the most popular mobile browser in the world with over 100 million users.

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  1. hi i love ucbrowser so dearly it works perfectly in my htc cingular wiza200 window phone its faster than opera and bolt. i use 7.4. am in nigeria

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