Tomi Ahonen’s New Book

Mobile as 7th of the Mass Media CoverTomi Ahonen has announced a new book, his sixth. Titled “Mobile as 7th of the Mass Media“, it can be pre-ordered from FutureText and will be available in stores and from shortly.

Tomi is one of the true mobile visionaries. In his books and as a speaker at industry events he uses copious statistics , charts and graphs to convincingly advance his thesis that the mobile phone will become the most dominant form of media ever, bigger and even more disruptive than even the internet.  In addition to describing a mobile future, he offers advice to potential entrepreneurs looking to capitalize on the opportunities mobile presents.

Here’s a brief excerpt from Mobile as 7th of the Mass Media to give you an example of Tomi’s style and insight.

Some day soon – within about five years – most phones in use around the world will be equivalent in performance to the iPhone today (screen size, data connection speed, etc) – look how quickly all personal computers were more capable than the original Apple Macintosh computer. In addition, in our world, when a new cellphone is automatically replaced every 18 months, how quickly will many people stop replacing the old family PC that nobody uses anymore. Moreover, recognize that while today the iPhone or Nokia N95 may seem like an extremely valuable gadget, after two generations and thus three years, they are the hand-me-down phones given to 10-year-olds as their first or second phones, when we buy “superphones” that are far more powerful for our own needs.

Tomi sent me a PDF excerpt of the Introduction and first chapter ofMobile as 7th of the Mass Media and is allowing me to share it. If you would like me to email you a copy, please leave a comment on this post.

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