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Go2 What To Do

Go2.com is one of the mobile web’s oldest destinations. The URL has hosted a mobile site since 1999.  The original Go2 was a WML based  local search site that was remarkably powerful for its time. Go2 pioneered features like mobile driving directions and the “what’s nearby” search.  In 2002, Go2 and AT&T collaborated to launch one of the world’s first location based mobile web services.  It used cell tower triangulation to find a user’s location and show nearby restaurants and stores.

Although it’s gone through numerous redesigns and at least one change of ownership, Go2 has never strayed far from its local search roots. It’s still one of the best resources for finding local concerts, club dates, movies, TV listings, sporting events, restaurants, bars, weather, traffic and horoscopes. Search and listings are limited to the US.

Today’s Go2 is branded as “Go2 What to do” and emphases events, especially nightlife, with a slick dark themed front page that highlights a couple of local hot tickets.  But drill down a bit and you can still find the nearest plumber, locksmith or Irish pub. Listings are sorted by distance from your location and include images, star ratings, user reviews from Citysearch, address, map, driving directions and click to call phone numbers.

Surprisingly, given Go2’s pioneering use of geo-location, the current Go2 site doesn’t use the browser geo-location API and requires users to manually enter their address or zip code or pick a city from a list.

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