New Skweezer Version

All the buzz about Opera Mini must be frustrating for the 84 million users on US BREW carriers like Verizon, Alltel, US Cellular, Metro PCS or Cricket. Phones on these networks can’t run Java applications like Opera Mini, the amazing free browser that lets you use any website on mainstream phones. Using a mobile transcoder offers a viable alternative to Opera Mini and works on any data enabled phone that has a browser. Transcoders take big web pages designed for … Continue reading

Northwest Airlines’ “Full” Mobile Site

US air carrier Northwest Airlines has rolled out a new mobile site that includes virtually all the functionality of their desktop web site. The new site ( supplements rather than replaces the airline’s existing and more limited mobile site at The new site really does include all the functionality of the desktop web site. You can book flights – including award travel, enroll in the frequent flier program, do online check-in and even browse Northwest’s Investor Relations page! … Continue reading

Mowser is Russell Beattie’s latest mobile site. It combines search, a transcoder and a mobile site directory with over 500 links, a directory of over 2000 feeds, chat room, forum and Russ’ new blog. It’s an impressive mobile portal. In brief testing the transcoder worked well. The search results are high quality, I tried to figure out which major search engine Mowser is using by trying the same queries in Mowser, Google, Yahoo and MSN Live. It looks like it’s … Continue reading

Tappity = Mobile

Tappity is a new mobile social bookmarking site. This is a genre that didn’t exist a year ago and now has at least four players, WapTags (review), Mobleo (review), Mopitopia (review) and now (mobile – Unlike the other three, with Tappity you do all your tagging from your desktop browser, there is no way to tag or bookmark from the mobile site. I think mobile tagging is an essential feature. I want to be able to tag mobile … Continue reading

Disabling Blogline’s Skweezer

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of both Bloglines and Skweezer. But together they drive me a little mad. Bloglines is the only RSS reader I use both on PC and mobile. I don’t really consider Bloglines Mobile to be a mobile site, in spite of it’s name. All unread posts in a feed display together on a single page, so any feed with more than few items is too big for most phones to even display. Saving … Continue reading

New Mobile Search Engines and Telestra, Australia’s largest mobile operator, both launched new mobile search portals this week. Ask’s offering features a web search that searches the full web using Ask’s own search engine. The results are transcoded for mobile usability by a white label version of Skweezer (review). It works well most of time, but for some reason, Ask’s transcoded pages don’t have the message and link ” Page optimized for mobile device, click here to view without Skweezer. ” that appears … Continue reading

Yahoo Mobile Web Search

Yahoo quietly released a major upgrade to their mobile web based search product last month. I’m surprised that there wasn’t more buzz on this as I think it’s a pretty big deal. I can’t find an official Yahoo announcement and only one blogger, a Yahoo employee, seems to have written anything about it. So what’s new? The big change is that when you do a Web search, Yahoo now includes mobile sites in the results – Yahoo used to only … Continue reading

Mobile Web (un)Usability

My fellow mobilist and host of this weeks Carnival of the Mobilists, Daniel Taylor at Mobile Enterprise Weblog has posted an interesting piece on mobile web usability or lack there of. Daniel’s article, Who Designs This Stuff? describes the difficulties and frustrations that he experienced trying to accomplish something on the mobile web that should have been easy – getting the arrival time of a airline flight. The problems Daniel experienced are typical of the frustration that many users experience … Continue reading