Heady Days For Mobile

Whew, today saw not one but all three of the traditional web powerhouses; Google, Microsoft and Yahoo make major mobile announcements. Google’s Gears for Mobile is, I think the most significant of the three and the only one that’s actually available today. Gears stores online content locally making it available whether there’s an active data connection or not. Initially it’s only for Window’s Mobile 5 and 6 and only with two applications, the Zoho online office suite and the personal … Continue reading

2006 – The Mobile Web Grows Up

2006 has been an exciting year to be involved with the mobile web and mobile data in general. I want to highlight four major developments this past year which I believe are going to have a profound and positive effect on the quality of the mobile web experience for years to come. Mobile web advertising comes of age. I credit this almost entirely to AdMob, the startup that took the Google AdSense model and applied it to mobile. Seems like … Continue reading

Zedge – 3.5 Million User MoSoSo

I got a tip from a reader that mobile social and file sharing site (MOSOSO), Zedge.net was being acquired by multinational telecom conglomerate IDT. I can’t confirm that this is accurate so take it as an unfounded rumor. I’d never heard of Zedge or IDT so I did a little digging. Mashable was apparently also tipped and has a post up. Update: The IDT – Zedge deal is real. Announcement here. I also heard from Fabio Pezzotti at Mobango and … Continue reading