View PDFs in Opera Mini, Easy Peasy!

Pdf documents continue to be a pain in the butt for mobile web users.  Most mobile browsers can’t open them and downloading a PDF for viewing with a dedicated reader app is time consuming and only possible on fairly advanced handsets. A month ago I wrote about a way to view PDFs in Opera Mini by pasting the PDF’s URL into an online PDF to HTML converter form.  That works but requires quite a few steps to accomplish and isn’t … Continue reading

Updated: Read PDF’s On Your Phone With Opera Mini 5

Updated 19-Oct-2009 -Added and Serola’s mobile PDF conversion form. After Adobe Flash, I think the second biggest mobile browsing annoyance is  the PDF file format, which most mobile browsers can’t display. Thanks to Opera Mini and the ingenuity of the mobile user community it is now possible to view PDFs on most phones.  The process is a bit tedious but if you really need to read a particular PDF on your phone it works. The idea is to grab … Continue reading

Opera Mini 5-7 Tips and Tricks

Although this post was originally written for Opera Mini 5, all these tips apply to latter versions, including Opera 8.0. I’ve learned a few tricks for making the most of Opera Mini. Some I discovered on my own and others I found on the web. On non-touch devices you probably want to turn off inline editing. It’s triple-tap only and on the N95 that means a dozen or more presses of the “1” key to enter common symbols like “@”,” … Continue reading

Get More From Your BlackBerry with Opera Mini

If you have a BlackBerry and aren’t using Opera Mini 4.2 you are missing out on what is in my opinion, the best BlackBerry application.  Mini is a small (under 170KB) application that implements a full html web browser that rivals and in many cases exceeds the performance of the best smartphone browsers. And yes that includes Safari on the iPhone. Compared with the built-in BlackBerry browser, especially on older models like my 7100i, Mini is so overwhelmingly superior that … Continue reading

Can’t Download Opera Mini? Here’s Some Help

This is the fifth in a series of Opera Mini Tips and Tricks posts.  This one covers the situation where you get an error trying to download Opera Mini.  The Opera developers have gone to a lot of trouble to make Mini a generic Java ME application that will work on as many phones as possible.  Most of the time installing Opera Mini is simply a matter of visiting with your phone’s built-in browser, clicking the download link and … Continue reading

Opera Mini’s Hidden Power User Menu

This is another in Wap Review’s ongoing series of tips on getting the most out Opera Mini, the full-web mobile browser that works on most phones. Opera mini is quite configurable. Using the build in “Settings” menu (top image) you can: Set the default font size. Change image quality or turn off images entirely to manage memory and bandwidth use. Toggle fit-to-width “mobile view”. Switch the default view  between portrait and  landscape. Disable fancy sliding screen transitions which can be … Continue reading

Opera Mini Tip – Easy Bookmark Management

This is the second in a continuing series of tips on getting the most out of Opera Mini, the great Java based mobile browser that brings full web browsing to almost any phone. Opera Mini supports bookmarks of course. It’s very easy to bookmark the current page using the menus or with the shortcut key combination of  the # key followed by the 7 key . Opera Mini also has a great feature called “Speed Dial” which lets you assign  … Continue reading

Opera Mini Tips and Tricks

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while I’m sure you’ve noticed that I’m a big fan of Opera Mini, it’s my favorite mobile browser. The first thing I do when I get a new phone is install Opera Mini on it. It seems like a lot of other people like Mini too.  GetJar reports that it’s the most downloaded Java ME application of all time.  According to Opera, Mini has 21 million active users, more than the total … Continue reading