nokiaAAddict: Great Reviews, Rants and Apps

Gerry Moth’s is an indispensable site for Nokia and Symbian users whether they are actual addicts or just trying to get their phones to do what they want them to. Gerry reviews the latest hardware and software but the best part of the site for me is its directory of S60 3rd and 5th apps. When you need an an app, avoid the frustrations of the Ovi Store and doggy download sites and head directly to nokiAAddict’s Downloads page … Continue reading

The Place for N97 Fanatics

The N97 is Nokia’s flagship model, at least until the N900 comes out. It didn’t get very good reviews initially but with last week’s release of new v 2.0 firmware I’m seeing a lot of positive reports about the handset. The N97 seems to be selling like hotcakes too, moving two million units in the first three months to become Nokia’s best selling Symbian device. Some of those two million have likely been to N97 Fanatics to read the best … Continue reading

Follow Maemo-Guru On Your Phone For Nokia World’09 Updates

Ricky Cadden, the Symbian Guru, has expanded his coverage to include Nokia’s newest smartphone platform with the launch of While Maemo isn’t new having been used in the Nokia N770, N800 and N810 Internet tablets, those were not phones. The next iteration of Maemo devices, the just announced N900, is. Reputedly launching in October the N900 with it’s 3.5 inch touchscreen, WiFi AND 3G radios, slide out QWERY keyboard, huge amount of memory and a Mozilla based browser with … Continue reading

Mathew Miller’s New Site – Nokia Experts

Remember Mathew Miller at ZDNet’s “Smartphones and Cell Phones”? He’s the guy who wrote the ultimate T-Mobile G1 launch day review with  five videos and 260 images including a shot of every single screen and dialog box on the phone! Matthew’s back with a new site, his third and it covers my favorite mobile hardware brand. The new site is Nokia Experts and it’s about Nokia phones and software for them.  Nokia Experts is available on both  the full web … Continue reading

The Symbian Blog Goes Mobile With A New WordPress Plugin

I recently found Vaibhav Sharma’s site, The Symbian Blog.  The name is a little misleading as focus of the site seems to be mainly Nokia and S60  rather than Symbian as a whole.  There’s very little about UIQ and MOAP. But I suppose that’s OK as those platforms are likely to soon become history and Symbian will become  a synonym for S60. The site is updated daily and features product announcements, hardware and software reviews and tips for getting the … Continue reading

BlackBerry Tips and Downloads

As a new user of an old BlackBerry 7100i, I’ve been making heavy use of the LazyWeb and its offspring, the LazyMobile Web to learn the secrets of this powerful but quirky device and to find games and apps to download.  Here are quick reviews of a couple of BlackBerry specific mobile sites I’ve found useful. I’ve added them to the WapReview Directory’s BlackBerry section. BlackBerryTrade (  is a relatively new BlackBerry news blog, user forum and download site. The … Continue reading

TmoNews – T-Mobile USA Scoops is a  seven month old news blog covering T-Mobile USA.  The site is updated daily, and is not one of those mobile “news” sites that just regurgitates the latest press leases.  TmoNews does some real investigative reporting, and has scored a number of scoops including being the first with details on T-Mobile’s data price increases that are supposed to go into effect on October 16th, the first information and photos of the Samsung Behold touchscreen phone and first with … Continue reading

Mobile BlackBerry Forums

My Boost Mobile Motorola i855 recently died and I picked up an old Blackberry 7100i for $35 on eBay to replace it.  This is my first Blackberry so I needed plenty of help in figuring out to set it up to synchronize with Outlook and to find and load compatible applications.  Fortunately there are a huge number of BlackBerry resources on the net. A little Googling and I found everything I needed.  My contacts, calendar and notes are now synchronized … Continue reading