Smart Mobs On the Mobile Web

Smart Mobs is an active and popular Web site covering  technology, especially mobile and the Internet, and its relation to society, culture and politics.  The emphasis is on using tech for social good and political action.  The site has a big following among web and mobile people. Smart Mobs‘ editor and a major contributor is Howard Rheingold, an author and researcher who  has been studying technology and its effects on thought and human  interaction since the 1980’s. Among his many … Continue reading

MIR Reborn? The Really Mobile Project and Mobile Developer TV Launch

My favorite mobile blog for the last few years was SMS Text News (later renamed Mobile Industry Review, MIR for short) I thoroughly enjoyed Ewan MacLeod‘s brutally honest, scathing but hilarious put downs of  “rubbish, bullocks and fluking useless” mobile devices and services.  It got even better when Ewan added James Whatley, Ben Smith and  Dan Lane to the team and put them to work doing weekly long format video podcasts that were both entertaining and full of insights and … Continue reading – PDAGeek returns! ( Long before Engadget and Gizmodo there was  The site’s been around since at least 1998 and is still a good source of tech news. There even used to be a mobile version called PDAGeek that I read everyday on the train using a Handspring Visor Deluxe and Plucker eight or nine years ago. The mobile edition disappeared a couple of years ago along with the unconnected PDA. It looks mobile is back minus the dated … Continue reading

Fast Company Goes Mobile But Where Are The Videos?

Fast Company is a print and online business magazine focused on technology, innovation and social responsibility.  And now there’s a mobile version of Fast Company at It seems to include almost all the articles fromFast Company’s full-web site. The mobile web design, which is by Crisp Wireless, generally does a good job of resizing images and splitting up pages so that the site works on anything from the iPhone to old wml-only devices. A lot of mobile web development … Continue reading

New Sites By Wap Review Readers

A couple of regular Wap Review readers contacted me this week to announce new mobile sites they have created. I don’t automatically post about every personal site that I hear about but these are quality sites offering unique content so I’m more than willing to add them to the directory and portal and give them a little plug. First up is Ryan Kairer whose PhoneFavs and Palm InfoCenter I’ve covered previously. The prolific Ryan has just launched three new mobile … Continue reading

Mashable Goes Mobile – With a MashUp

Peter Cashmore’s Mashable is a high-traffic news blog covering social networking, web 2.0 and mobile. I suspect the site’s name comes from “Mashup” – combing two (or more) web services to create a new site or service, think of TwitterVision which combines Ttwitter feeds with the Google Maps API to show Twitter updates as text bubbles on a world map.  Mashable does cover mashups, especially ones involving popular social networks. But Mashable is a lot more than mashups, with 20 … Continue reading

Silicon.Com goes .Mobi

CNET owned, a UK based news site targeted at corporate IT managers, now has a mobile edition.  The announcement is here and is promoting its .mobi with a link and a banner ad on the PC site’s front page.  A word of warning though, the announcement says in a big bold green font that the mobile URL is but that address just gives me a “Page Not Found” error.  The correct  address is which appears elsewhere … Continue reading

ZDNet’s 45 Mobile Blogs

ZDNet, the online tech news, reviews and software download site, also hosts a network of around 45 blogs including several well known and popular ones like Mary Jo Foley’s All about Microsoft and Adrian Kingsley-Hughes’s Hardware 2.0. There’s a list and links to all 45 on the Blogs tab of the ZdNet Homepage. I knew that at least one ZDNet Blog, Matthew Miller’s The Mobile Gadgeteer, had a mobile edition and it turns out that all of them do. There’s … Continue reading