Getting Started with MeeGo Tablet – Upgrading The OS And Installing Apps.

Intel was giving away ExoPC MeeGo tablets to interested developers at AppNation last week and they were nice enough to give me one. I’ve been playing with it off and on for the last week and wanted to share my impressions as someone who is just getting started with MeeGo. Disclaimer: I’m not a MeeGo developer or Linux Guru. I have done a bit of Web and Wintel app development.  My only Linux experience is using Ubuntu as my main … Continue reading

Opera Launches Appcelerate Program For Mobile App Developers

Yesterday at APPNATION Opera Software announced the availability of Appcelerate, a program intended to help with the discovery, distribution and monitization of mobile apps. Appcelerate lets developers place their apps in the Opera Mobile Store, a web based app store at that works in all browsers. The Opera Mobile Store is a featured Speed Dial link on the start page in Opera Mini, the world most popular mobile browser with over 100,000 users. The Opera Mobile Store is available … Continue reading

APPNATION: MeeGo Offers Developers Tools, Support and A Tablet

I attended an Intel AppUp Application Lab at APPNATION in San Francisco today.  The two hour event was targeted at current and potential MeeGo app developers. At the end of the presentation Intel gave every attendee with an Intel Atom powered ExoPC Slate tablet capable of running MeeGo or Windows. AppUp Scott Crabtree from Intel developer relations introduced AppUp which is Intel’s app store. Scott pitched  AppUp as a ground floor opportunity for developers who missed getting in on the iPhone … Continue reading

Looking Forward to APPNATION Tomorrow in San Francisco

I’ll be attending and covering the APPNATION Conference and Developer Exposition at Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco tomorrow and Thursday, April 27-28. APPNATION is shapping up to be a major event with keynotes by Digital Chocolate CEO Trip Hawkins and Google Director for Mobile Jason Spero.  Other well known speakers include Noah Kravitz, TechnoBuffalo; Raj Singh, SRI; Mike Rowehl, Churn Labs; Tim Bajarin, Creative Strategies; Carlo Longino, WIP and Patrick Mork, GetJar (full speaker list). I’m expecting to see some … Continue reading