UC Browser 8.2 Java Update Adds Swipe Navigation and Fixes the bada URL Bug

UC Mobile has released an update to the UC Browser 8.2 Beta for Java phones. The  only reported changes in this version are: A fix for the bug that prevented users from entering URLs on Samsung bada phones. On touch screen phones users can now swipe left and right to go backward and forward though session history. A fix for a bug on some phones where the soft keys didn’t work when copying text from a Web page (free copy). I tested … Continue reading

How to Use IPhone and Android Webapps in the Opera Mobile, N9, Windows Phone and Other Browsers

There are a lot of wiz bang new webapps that use rich graphics, fancy JavaScript effects and HTML5 features like geo-location and local storage. But if you have a BlackBerry, Windows Phone, N900, N9, Symbian or WebOS phone or you’re using Opera Mobile or Firefox Mobile, you probably aren’t seeing them because they are only served to IOS and Android devices Opera Mobile and Firefox Mobile and the browsers on other smartphone platforms are often as poweful or more powerfull than iOS Safari or the … Continue reading

Google Plus Web Apps For Every Mobile Browser

Google Plus, the search giant’s latest try at social media, seems to be taking off. I’m not going to try to explain Google Plus here.  If you need an introduction to it a couple of good ones are Google’s interactive tutorial and and Paul Boutin’s clear description of the basics.  This post is a look at the available options  for using Plus on a mobile device. The richest Google Plus experience is with the official Android app which requires Android 2.1 or latter. Almost … Continue reading

Opera Mini, Bolt and UC Browser On Bada Phones!

Samsung’s Dolfin browser on the Wave bada phone is a good one  in most respects. It loads pages quickly,  has excellent JavaScript performance and supports geo-location and many HTML5 features. But I found it unusable with many desktop sites because the fonts are too small to read at the zoom level where text columns fit the screen. When you zoom in text doesn’t reflow and you have to scroll horizontally to read which I find intolerable. Thanks to a reader … Continue reading

How to Download Bada Apps in the US

I’ve been having a lot of fun exploring the Samsung Wave Bada phone that I got at the Bada Devloper Day last week. I continue to be impressed with many aspects of the phone, especially the gorgeous Super AMOLED screen and great build quality. Except for the plastic end caps, the phone is all metal, including the battery cover. Plus it’s stable (no crashes yet), the UI is snappy and the battery lasts a couple of days on standby. There … Continue reading

Samsung Bada’s Dolfin Browser

Here’s a look at the capabilities of the Dolfin browser on the Samsung Wave Bada handset that I got at the Bada Developer Day in San Francisco on Tuesday. Dolfin is a WebKit based browser.  Webkit is used as the basis of the majority of smartphone browsers including those from Nokia, Palm, Android, Apple and soon RIM.  Although all these browsers are based on the open source Webkit core, as PPK points out, “There is no Webkit on Mobile”, instead … Continue reading

Samsung Wooing Bada Developers With Cash, Free Tools, Devices And App Certification

I attended a Samsung Bada Developer Day in San Francisco yesterday. The event, part of a 35 city world tour, was a sold out full house with over 200 attendees. bada (Korean for “ocean”) is Samsung’s new smartphone platform. Native bada development is done in C++.  The bada IDE for native app development is Eclipse based and is currently Windows only with Apple OS X coming soon.  It includes an emulator  and supports on device debuggging.  The SDK ships with … Continue reading