Google Voice App Released For Android and BlackBerry

This morning Google took another step toward making mobile operators irrelevant by releasing a  Google Voice application for Android and Blackberry devices.  I’ve been using Google Voice since it launched. If you are unfamiliar with the service, Wikipedia has an excellent overview. In summary,  Google Voice gives you a new (currently U.S. only) local number.  Calls and texts to your Google Voice number are routed by Google Voice to one or more mobile, Gizmo5  VOIP or land-line numbers that you … Continue reading

Get More From Your BlackBerry with Opera Mini

If you have a BlackBerry and aren’t using Opera Mini 4.2 you are missing out on what is in my opinion, the best BlackBerry application.  Mini is a small (under 170KB) application that implements a full html web browser that rivals and in many cases exceeds the performance of the best smartphone browsers. And yes that includes Safari on the iPhone. Compared with the built-in BlackBerry browser, especially on older models like my 7100i, Mini is so overwhelmingly superior that … Continue reading

Copy Webpage Text With Opera Mini, S60 and Blackberry

The ability to copy text from a web page is one of the most requested features by users on the Opera Mini Forum. It’s such a basic and useful function that’s available in all desktop browsers, yet hardly any mobile browsers support it.  A clever coder who goes by the handle “Cousinisaac” has found a way make web text copying possible not only in Opera mini but with several other mobile browsers too. Cousinisaac created a simple web form at … Continue reading

MWC09: Bolt Browser – New Version and Open Beta

Update: Feature list for new version added. At Mobile World Congress, Bitstream, Inc. announced that the Bolt Browser is now in public Beta, freely available to anyone without the need for a Beta code. There’s a new version too, 0.86.  I haven’t been able to find release notes or any indication of what’s new in this release.  I suspect it’s a bug fix release with no new features.  Trying 0.86 on my BlackBerry and N95-3 I immediately  noticed one bug … Continue reading

Google Latitude – This is Big!

Last month Google killed four of their mobile services (Jaiku, Notes, Dodgeball and the iPhone and Android specific variants of iGoogle) and I was starting to have doubts about the search and advertising giant’s commitment to mobile. I shouldn’t have doubted, on Monday Google rolled out Tasks for Mobile, and today launched a brand new service, Google Latitude. Latitude adds location tracking to the Google Maps mobile application and to iGoogle on the desktop.  You can track yourself and anyone … Continue reading

New Bolt Browser Beta

Bitstream has released an update (V. 0.83) to their Java ME based Bolt full-web mobile browser. Here’s a changelog: APN configuration automated for BlackBerry devices.  BOLT now auto-detects network details.  This will eliminate the “internet not available” error messages, and manual APN configuration requirements, some BlackBerry users were experiencing. BlackBerry dedicated back key support. Also supported on some SE devices. BlackBerry scrolling enhancements.  Scrolling on track ball BlackBerry devices is now faster and smoother. BlackBerry-specific enhancements to match BlackBerry system … Continue reading

Mobile BlackBerry Forums

My Boost Mobile Motorola i855 recently died and I picked up an old Blackberry 7100i for $35 on eBay to replace it.  This is my first Blackberry so I needed plenty of help in figuring out to set it up to synchronize with Outlook and to find and load compatible applications.  Fortunately there are a huge number of BlackBerry resources on the net. A little Googling and I found everything I needed.  My contacts, calendar and notes are now synchronized … Continue reading