Supercharge the N900 Browser With Bookmarklets

Regular WapReview readers know I’m a big fan of browser bookmarkets, snippets of JavaScript in a browser bookmark that automate repetitive tasks in the browser.  Bookmarklets let you post  links to Twitter or  Delicious with just a couple taps. And that’s just the beginning, bookmarklets can simplify tasks like creating short URLs, subscribing to feeds in Google Reader or Bloglines, translating all or part of a web page to another language and changing illegible page colors to something more readable. … Continue reading

SuperGenPass – Secure, Free Password Management For Desktop and Mobile Browsers

SuperGenPass is a free solution to the problem of generating and managing secure and unique passwords for online services. It’s based around an open source JavaScript hashing algorithm that generates a complex unique password from the combination of  any Internet domain name and a master password chosen by you. The same unique password is always generated for any combination of domain and master password. SuperGenPass is very secure. Everything runs in your browser, nothing is transmitted to the “cloud”. Neither … Continue reading

Problems With Bookmarklets in Opera Mini 5 Beta 2

Update: These issues were fixed in Opera Mini 5 Final The latest beta of Opera Mini 5 is my new browser of choice. On my Nokia N95-3 it’s fast and stable and offers great rendering and a best in class feature set including tabbed browsing, bookmark synchronization and a choice of desktop or fit to width formatting. But I’m also a big user of bookmarklets, snippets of JavaScript stored in a browser bookmark.  Bookmarklets provide all sorts productivity enhancing features. … Continue reading

New Mobile Bookmarklet – View PDFs As HTML

Last month I wrote about an easy way to view those pesky PDF documents in many mobile browsers. That method used a bookmarklet that rewrites links to PDFs so that they open in the online PDF to Image converter at  WapReview reader Serola just sent me another bookmarklet that uses a different online PDF conversion service,, which converts the documents into HTML instead  images. With the documents I tried the  HTML representation (image, top) was not  as faithful … Continue reading

View PDFs in Opera Mini, Easy Peasy!

Pdf documents continue to be a pain in the butt for mobile web users.  Most mobile browsers can’t open them and downloading a PDF for viewing with a dedicated reader app is time consuming and only possible on fairly advanced handsets. A month ago I wrote about a way to view PDFs in Opera Mini by pasting the PDF’s URL into an online PDF to HTML converter form.  That works but requires quite a few steps to accomplish and isn’t … Continue reading

New Opera Mini Bookmarklets – Ping this! and Copy Page Text

I’ve added several new bookmarklets to the Tools section of the Opera Mini Bookmarklets page at   If you aren’t familiar with bookmarklets they’re JavaScript snippets that live in a browser bookmark’s URL field. They are sort of a lightweight version of FireFox extensions.  Bookmarklets can do all sorts of clever things like changing the color of all the links on a page, displaying site cookies or HTTP headers, translating the page to a different language or posting a link … Continue reading

New Opera Mini Bookmarklets

I’ve added four more bookmarklets to the Opera Mini Bookmarklets page at  They were submitted by Lucian, a  reader and regular contributor to Wap Review.  Bookmarklets are bits of JavaScript code stored in a browser bookmark.  When you launch a bookmarklet  it typically does something with the  current page like highlight all the links, display the page’s cookies or Page Rank or subscribe to the current site’s RSS feed in Google Reader or Bloglines. It used to be pretty … Continue reading

Delivr Update Simplifies Mobile Sharing

I’ve been using since launched in December.  It’s so powerful and does so many things that it’s hard to summarize.  I covered it in depth here. One use of Delivr is as a mobile aware short URL service with one-click posting to many social networking and bookmarking sites. Supported services include  Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Google Bookmarks, Jaiku, Delicious, Digg, Reddit, Plaxo and Delivr’s own micro-blogging service. That’s not all though, using the same one click iterface, you can send … Continue reading