Nokia E73 Connection Settings Demystified

I continue to be impressed with the Nokia E73 Mode. I especially like the form factor, keyboard and quality construction. The E73 is a variant of the E72 made for and branded by T-Mobile USA. It comes with support for the operator’s unusual 1700/2100 3G frequencies and also has a rather nice feature which T-Mobile calls “WiFi Calling” or  “Unlicensed Mobile Access” (UMA) which  lets you  make and receive calls and texts using WiFi.  UMA is not the same as … Continue reading

The E73 Browser Dissected

This is a continuation of my Nokia E73 “Mode” reveiew. Here’s a look at the built in WebKit based Nokia browser. I’ve been using an N95-3 as my main phone for years so I’m pretty familiar with the Symbian browser.  But  the browser in  Feature Pack 2 (FP2) devices like  the E73 is quite a bit newer.  The E73’s is version 7.2, based on  WebKit; 525. The N95’s browser is based on the much older  WebKit 413.  Here’s the full … Continue reading

The Nokia E73 – Quality Construction And A Great Keyboard

I’m been been enjoying the Nokia E73 loaner that I got at WOMWorld’s E73 Mode Beach Party Saturday. It’s a pretty and very useful little device.  I especially like the keyboard which I think is the best I’ve ever used on a pocket size device. The things that make it so good are: Single handed operation.  The phone and keyboard’s small size means you can easily hold it in one hand and reach every key, something that’s difficult or even … Continue reading

What A Weekend! The E73 Mode Sunset Beach Party

My weekend was rather special.  It all started with an email last Tuesday from Donna at WOMWorld inviting me to fly down to LA to stay in a house right on Sunset Beach and participate in making a video to promote the new Nokia E73 Mode for T-Mobile USA. I had no idea what I was actually getting into but wasn’t hard to accept an offer to get out of San Francisco’s fog for weekend on the beach. I arrived … Continue reading