T-Mobile, AT&T and Nokia Data Configurators Gone Missing?

Last week I was trying to help a reader get an unlocked, non-T-Mobile LG phone configured for data and MMS on T-Mobile USA.  This should have been easy, T-Mobile, like almost every mobile operator in the world, has an online data configurator.  It’s a simple web form where you enter your phone number and seconds later a special provisioning message arrives in your phone’s inbox. Open the message, choose “Apply” and your phone is all set up and ready to … Continue reading

Nokia CEO calls the N900 “the best browser device ever” Is It?

At the Nokia World keynote today, Nokia CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvou (OPK) called the N900 the “best browser device ever”.  Strong words and clearly aimed at the iPhone which is often said to have the best mobile browser. I’m really hoping that OPK is right as I don’t consider the iPhone’s browser all that great. It’s OK, with pretty good rendering and JavaScript support and it’s easy to use.  I don’t even mind that it doesn’t support Flash, personally I wish … Continue reading