Free Real-Time Quotes and “Guru” Analysis from Mobile

The mobile version of, launched today, offers real-time and after-hours stock quotes, news, charts, commentary and “Guru Analysis”, which rates stocks based on the formulas touted by eight different investment analysts. The mobile site which was created by, is attractive and easy to navigate and should work well with most mobile browsers, although the site’s 42 KB page size may be too large for some feature phone browsers. NASDAQ, the second largest U.S. stock exchange, was the world’s … Continue reading

Vanguard Fund’s Mobile Site

Vanguard Funds is a large US mutual fund house specializing in no-load, low cost index funds.  I like the company but I’m disappointed by their mobile site at (you will need a mobile browser to see the mobile version). There isn’t much content and usability is not as good as it could be. can be used by anyone, whether they have a Vanguard account or not, to view the current value of four major US market indexes and … Continue reading