Opera Mobile for Android and Opera Mini for iOS Updates Fix YouTube and Facebook Bugs

Opera Software has released updates for a couple of its browsers. There’s a updated Opera Mobile for Android. The new release is Version 12.1.1 and it includes the following bug fixes: Fixed issue with commenting on Facebook Fixed issue with embedded Youtube videos Fixed issue with incorrect external URLs opening Various stability improvements. The new release is available from the Google Play Store or directly from opera.com/mobile/download/versions/ for users of non-Google Experience Android devices. Opera Mobile requires  Android 1.6 or latter. Opera Mini for iOS (iPhone, iPod … Continue reading

Latest Opera Mini Supports 3rd Gen iPad’s Retina Display

Opera Software released a new version of Opera Mini for iOS today. It’s version 7.0.2 and it fixes the issue with the 3rd generation iPad where the browser toolbar and other UI elements were too small to be usable. This update finally brings Opera’s server assisted technology, which reduces data consumption by about 80% and greatly speeds up browsing on slow networks, to the new iPad. Even if you don’t own a 3rd gen iPad, there are some other new features and bug … Continue reading

New Opera Mini 6.5 for iOS, BlackBerry, Symbian and Java ME, Opera Mobile 11.5 for Symbian

Opera Software rolled up updates to both Opera Mobile and Opera Mini today. Opera Mini 6.5, which was released for Android 3 weeks ago, is now available for Java ME, Symbian 2nd edition and latter, Apple iOS and BlackBerry OS 4.2.1 and latter. Opera Mobile 11.5, which also first appeared on Android three weeks ago, was released today for Symbian 3rd edition FP1 and latter. The iOS release is available in iTunes. Java, BlackBerry and Symbian versions can be downloaded from opera.com/mobile/download/ (desktop) or … Continue reading

Slideshare’s New HTML5 Mobile WebApp Works (Almost) Everywhere, Even In Opera Mini!

This week the popular presentation sharing site SlideShare launched a mobile Webapp.  Which is something I’m really excited about.  If you’re ever clicked a link in Twitter or an email using  your mobile browser or iPad and found yourself on Slideshare’s old non-mobile friendly Flash based site I think you will welcome the change too. According to SlidesShare the new mobile site supports the iPhone, iPad and Android devices. The images above show it running on an HTC Magic phone running … Continue reading