KeePass, a FOSS Password Manager With Great Multiplatform (PC and Mobile) Support

The focus of this site is on mobile web apps so I rarely cover native apps. However I prefer using a native app for password management.  I want my passwords available instantly and everywhere regardless of whether I have a wireless signal or not.  I also need a password management solution that works on all my devices using the same encrpted password database.  I use Windows and Linux PCs as well as Android andSymbian smartphones and basic feature phones with Java … Continue reading

New Browser Releases: Opera Mini 6 for iOS, Bolt 2.51 and Opera Mobile 11 for MeeGo N900 DE

Can’t see the video: Click here to view on YouTube This week was a busy one for mobile browser vendors with three new releases. The most notable is the long awaited Opera Mini 6 for the iPhone and iPad which was announced and demoed at CTIA in March and is finally available.  I wonder how much of the delay was due to Apple’s paternalistic app aproval process? New features in the iOS release include: Updated design with a fresh new … Continue reading

Opera Mini iPhone Tips and Tricks

Opera Mini  for the iPhone is a runaway success, it was the most free popular app in all 22  iTunes markets around the world for several days and over a million copies were  downloaded the first day it was available. For many of those million plus new users this is probably their first experience with Opera Mini.  The browser is very fast and intuitive to use but it does work a bit differently than Safari. Here are some  fixes and … Continue reading

Crazy News Day: Opera Mini Approved for the iPhone!!

The last 18 or so hours have been crazy with announcements in the mobile world. Opera Mini was approved for the iPhone, Nokia announced three new QWERTY phones at impressively low price points and there’s a new Bolt browser release. I don’t think anyone expected that Apple would approve the Opera Mini iPhone app. But the app store rules are so vague and approval process so opaque that you can never predict what Apple will bless and what they won’t. … Continue reading

Debunking the iPhone’s 64% US Mobile Browser Share

Image: Engadget At the iPhone 4.0 SDK release announcement yesterday Steve Jobs made the claim that the iPhone has a 64% US Mobile Browser “User Share”. An accompanying slide showed shares for all mobile browsers as: iPhone: 64% Android: 19% BlackBerry: 9% Other: 8% I’m skeptical of this number as it’s considerably higher than other estimates I’ve seen that put the iPhone’s share of mobile web traffic considerably lower. The source for the slide is given as “Net Applications, Feb … Continue reading

How to Change the Bolt Browser’s User Agent

A lot of people seem to want to change their mobile browser’s User Agent header. The subject comes up all the time on the Opera Mini MyOpera forum.  The complaint is always the same, some web site is redirecting Opera Mini users to a limited mobile version of the site when the user wants the full site.  This happens because every browser sends a User Agent header which identifies it. Web developers often use the User Agent to direct browsers … Continue reading

Location Aware “Touch Web” Transit Tracker from NextBus

Alameda, California based NextBus delivers frequently updated estimates of the arrival time of the next transit vehicle at a given stop. Delivery is by electronic signs, voice response systems, SMS  and the Internet, including the mobile web. NextBus is used by 45 transit systems in the US and Canada, including my hometown, San Francisco. NextBus’ mobile web site has been an anchor tenant of the WapReview Mobile Directory for many years.  I use it a lot and find it really … Continue reading

iPhone Only Web Sites Are Bad Business

Houston TV channel KRIV recently launched It’s a standalone mobile weather site that isn’t linked to the channel’s  main mobile news (including weather) site at FoxRad provides very comprehensive weather information for Houston area residents with national, regional and local forecasts and radar maps.  At the local level provides a separate forecast page and radar map for each of the 18 counties making up metro Houston.  It’s a great resource for anyone who needs detailed, timely weather … Continue reading