Found On The Mobile Web #248

Found on the Mobile Web is a weekly WAP Review feature listing newly added and updated sites on the mobile portal and WapReview mobile site directory. With these latest additions the directory and portal now list 2366 mobile sites. Tech/Mobile/OS – Brand Specific/Microsoft WP Central Formerly WMExperts, WP Central is a news blog covering Windows Phone. Hardware and software reviews, news and rumors. Part of the Mobile Nations network (Android Central, Crackberry, TiPb and PreCentral). Content  Usability Travel-Transit/Transit Metra Mobile Schedules, fare information, maps, nearest station … Continue reading

My Thoughts On NokiaSoft

I’m still trying to digest today’s announcement that Nokia will adopt “Windows Phone as its primary smartphone strategy”. Symbian will become a “franchise platform”, which based on the slide below (from one of Nokia’s announcement  press PDFs) means will it will be gradually phased out. Meego will become a research project for exploration of future products. As the side below shows R&D investment in MeeGo will drop by about two thirds.  That slide also suggests that  massive layoffs in Nokia … Continue reading

Nokia Targets the BlackBerry Market With MS Exchange, Communicator and Sharepoint Integration

I just got back from Berlin where I attended Microsoft Tech.Ed Europe along with Mike Maddaloni ( and Craig Richards  ( as the guests of WOMWorld/Nokia. Tech.Ed is a series of annual conferences that Microsoft holds  around the world. It’s primarily a technical training  event but there are also high level keynote sessions covering Microsoft and partner’s products, services and strategies and a large Expo floor where many companies  have booths promoting their development tools and enterprise products and services. … Continue reading

Tech.Ed Europe

I’ll be at the Microsoft Tech.Ed Conference in Berlin Tuesday and Wednesday as the guest of WOMWorld and Nokia. I was really surprised when I got an email from WOMWorld a little over a week ago offering to send me to Berlin for the conference. Totally unexpected and wonderful. I’m looking forward to seeing Berlin for the first time too. I’m not sure what Nokia has in store for me at Tech-Ed.  They are a sponsor of the Microsoft conference, … Continue reading

Microsoft – Yahoo: Bad News For Mobile Search

By now you’ve probably heard about the Microsoft – Yahoo deal. Yahoo will shutter their search engine and instead source search results from Microsoft’s Bing. There are lots of details about advertising revenue share that I won’t bore you with. If you are interested in that sort of thing, Barry Schwartz at Search Engine Land has a good summary. While probably necessary for Yahoo’s survival, I’m worried about the future of my favorite mobile search engine,  Yahoo’s oneSearch. What I … Continue reading

How to Use the Bing API to Search the Mobile Web

When Microsoft released the Bing API I speculated that it should be possible to use it to build a real Mobile Web search engine.  By “real” I mean one that would search exclusively for mobile optimized Websites.  I finally got around to trying it today, it was pretty easy, thanks to some some sample code I found on the Bing Developer Website, and it  works surprisingly well. I wrote my search engine in PHP5.  It uses Bing’s JSON API.  I … Continue reading

Build A Mobile Web Search Site Using Bing or Yahoo Data?

It looks like it’s  now possible for developers to create a web search engine on the cheap using data from at least two of the big three (Google, Yahoo,  Microsoft Bing) search engines.  Instead of having to build your own army of crawler bots and commanding them to index the mobile web, a prohibitively expensive and time consuming process, you can simply pass a  query in an API call to retrieve search results from at least two of the big … Continue reading

The New Mobile Social Windows Live

Yesterday Microsoft released a completely updated mobile web version of Windows Live. This is a very significant upgrade and deserves a thorough look.  To understand the new mobile version you really need to look at the full-web version of Windows Live.  Microsoft is in the middle of a massive roll-out of a new and revamped Live portal which they have dubbed Windows Live Wave 3.  Wave 3 is all about social networking.  Live users now have a  Profile complete with picture, status-like “personal … Continue reading