IntoMobile is Now Mobile Optimized

IntoMobile has long been one of my favorite mobile news blogs. Martin Perez and team do a great job of covering the latest in mobile hardware, software, services and industry news. Their hard work and timely, quality content have made IntoMobile one of the top mobile news sites with over 3.5 million monthly unique visitors, according to Google Analytics. But a mobile version of Intomobile has been a bit of an off and on affair. There was one that launched in … Continue reading

Linkedin’s HTML5 Webapp Is A Disappointment

Until recently LinkedIn, the social network for business professionals, had a basic but usable mobile web site at It worked with most mobile browsers and let you build and manage your network of contacts, search the LinkedIn user base to find prospects, jobs and employees and send LinkedIn invites. Recently LinkedIn’s mobile webapp was updated. According to an interview on VentureBeat, the new one makes extensive use of HTML5 and node.js and shares much of its code with Linkedin’s … Continue reading

Advertising Age Mobile Site Review

Here’s a brief look at the mobile edition of Advertising Age, a.k.a., AdAge, the venerable (founded in 1930) weekly news magazine covering the global advertising business. The well organized AdAge mobile site at includes the full text for hundreds of stories and articles,  blogs and columns, from the desktop AdAge site and the print edition. I like that registered readers can comment on stories from the mobile site. Disappointingly, registration requires going to the full site and filling out a form with no less than 14 … Continue reading

Find the Best Prices On Nearby Parking With BestParking’s Mobile Webapp is a handy mobile webapp for finding the lowest prices on parking nearby. It lets you search for the cheapest and and nearest parking garages and lots in 30 cities and at 79 airports.. According to the publisher the app saves users an average of $16 everytime they park. You can either choose an airport from a list or select a city and either enter an address or pick a neighborhood. You tell BestParking your arrival time and how long … Continue reading

Stay Away From Travelocity’s Mobile Site!

I don’t know about you but when I travel I tend to use my mobile browser a lot. Checking flight status, finding hotels and restaurants are common tasks for the traveler and even if you have a laptop with you it’s  usually easier to  just pull out your phone. I’ve never actually tried to book a flight using only a mobile browser but it is possible on many airline and online travel booking sites. However, the latest version of Online … Continue reading

L. L. Bean’s New M-Commerce Webapp

L.L.Bean, the 100 year old “Down East” retailer of outdoor apparel and gear has finally joined the mobile world with a smartphone optimized m-Commerce web app.  It’s surprising it took Bean this long as the company has a long history of innovation.  It pioneered the now common concept of free shipping for all products and is often cited as a model of customer service excellence. Created by m-commerce specialist house Usablenet, the mobile site lets you browse and search the L. L. … Continue reading

Download Free Mobile eBooks From Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg now has its own mobile webapp at  The project, which is celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2011, creates free eBook editions of books that are out of copyright or were published under a license such as Creative Commons that allows them to be distributed freely. The catalog currently has over 36,000 titles. Dubbed “PG Mobile”, the mobile version carries the entire Gutenberg catalog.  Author, title and subject search makes it easy to find your favorite authors and books. … Continue reading

PhoneDog Mobile – News, Reviews, Videos and More

The mobile edition of  US based mobile phone news and reviews site, serves up most of the editorial content on the full-web PhoneDog site in mobile-friendly format. The one-size-fits-all-devices site’s front page lists PhoneDog’s most recent posts in chronological order with a thumbnail image for each item. Individual post pages contain the full-text and all the images and videos from the full-web version. Pages can get quite large, over a megabyte in some cases. That shouldn’t be a problem for … Continue reading