In Praise Of Mobile Browser Navigation Controls

  My recent trial of a Nokia E6 reinforced something I’ve suspected for a long time. The current fad of removing navigation controls like arrow keys, D-pad, trackball or touchpad from touch screen phones is bad for usability. Designers seem have fallen in love with the idea of a smooth, all-screen front face on their devices, which means removing as many buttons as possible. But, you may say, navigation controls are redundant on a touch device as you can just tap links … Continue reading

How To Reset the Nokia E6 and Re-install the OS


        To my horror the Nokia E6 review unit that WOMWorldNokia sent me seems to have developed a fault and has been spontaneously rebooting every ten minutes or so since yesterday morning.  I really like the phone and hoped to get a few more days use out of it before I have to send it back.  I’ve been successful in the past at fixing misbehaving Symbian phones with a soft or hard reset so I set about trying … Continue reading

What’s On My Nokia E6?

While there aren’t as many apps available for Symbian as there are for iOS and Android, I’ve always been able to find everything I need for my Symbian phones. Here are the apps I like and use on the E6 that WOMWorld/Nokia has loaned me. All are free except for Gravity: Gravity needs no introduction for most Symbian users. It’s a beautifully designed, highly intuitive and immensely powerful client for Twitter, Facebook, Identica and Foursquare. There’s rudimentary Google Reader support … Continue reading

Using Opera Mini or Mobile To Fix The E6’s Too Small Fonts

I rather like the Nokia E6 which WOMWorld/Nokia lent me. It looks and feels very elegant and the keyboard is one of the best I’ve ever used on phone. The only real issue I have with the phone is the extremely small fonts used in HTML emails (image below, left) and for some mobile Web sites like CNN (image below, right). I’ve reduced the images so that they are about the size of the E6’s 2.4 inch screen when displayed … Continue reading

A Great Little Phone – Nokia E6 Unboxing and First Impressions

WOMWorld/Nokia has loaned me a Nokia E6 to evaluate. Here are my initial impressions and few unboxing photos. Hardware: This is one solid little phone. Mine is black with white and stainless steel trim which I think looks quite nice on this particular phone. The battery door and sides are metal and the front is all glass. The body of the phone appears to be a high quality plastic that is almost indistinguishable from cast metal.  The back of the … Continue reading