N9 Unboxing Part 2 – Power On, Setup and Configuring Wi-Fi

Here’s Part 2 of my Nokia N9 unboxing. This video picks up where Part 1 left off with the phone out of the box but not powered up yet. It shows the boot up animations, initial set up and configuring a Wi-Fi connection. I was pretty impressed with how easy it was to get the phone up an running without a SIM. The Nokia interaction designers have recognized that some of us, including developers and international travelers, will want to use the N9 without … Continue reading

Open Source Symbian and N97 Hands-On

Yesterday after the Symbian Partners Event, I was invited to attend a “Bloggers Dinner”.  When I got an email saying dinner would be at the Carnelian Room I knew that my attire of Mobile Camp tee shirt and jeans wasn’t going to cut it.  Quick change to khakis and a collared shirt and I was off. The Carnelian Room was a gas.  Best known for its view, it’s at the top of the 555 California tower, the city’s second tallest … Continue reading

Symbian Partner Event

I’m at the Symbian Partner Event in San Francisco today. I’m hoping to learn more about what the open source Symbian OS will look like. I’m particularly interested in whether it will be complete enough that OEMs and hackers can relatively easily slap it on existing hardware. The full open source code release is still 18 months a way so I suspect details will be scarce but if I hear anything I’ll pass it along. I’m live blogging this using … Continue reading

Free Symbian Partner Event Dec. 4th in San Francisco

Symbian is holding a Partner Event in San Francisco on December 4th.  Traditionally these been restricted to Symbian Ltd licenses, but now they are open to the mobile community without charge.  This comes after Nokia purchased Symbian Ltd earlier this year and turned its assets over to the new non-profit Symbian Foundation which will open source the entire OS under the Eclipse Public License. Current plans are for an initial release of substantial parts of Symbian in the first half … Continue reading

Open Source Symbian

The mobile world is abuzz with the news of Nokia’s plans to open source Symbian.  There’s been a lot of great analysis of what this means for Nokia and its major competitors.  If you aren’t up to speed on what it means, I recommend Micheal Mace’s in depth business analysis, Symbian changes everything, and nothing and Simon Judge’s developer perspective, What I’m  wondering though is how the existence of a free, high quality, open source mobile software stack will change … Continue reading