How To Transfer Your Opera Link Speed Dial and Bookmarks to the Webkit Based Opera Android Browser

  Opera Software’s Webkit/Blink based Opera Browser for Android, currently at Version 16.0 keeps getting better with every release. I especially like it because it lets me try the latest Blink engine on my older Gingerbread phones that can’t run Chrome Browser. Although the Opera Browser is coming along well in terms of performance and stability it’s still lacking some basic features like the ability to edit, import or sync bookmarks. That’s because there’s no real support for the Opera … Continue reading

Webkit Based Opera Browser 14 For Android Released, Overwrites Opera Mobile 12.1

On Monday Opera Software released Opera Browser 14. This is the first non-Beta Opera browser to be based on the open source WebKit layout engine rather than Opera’s legacy in-house Presto engine. Opera Browser 14 uses a very recent 537.71 version of WebKit. That’s even newer than the WebKit  version used by the Chrome browser for Android. And unlike Chrome, which requires Android 4.0 or later, Opera Browser 14 runs on Android 2.3 and later bringing the benefits of the … Continue reading

Opera Mobile for Android and Opera Mini for iOS Updates Fix YouTube and Facebook Bugs

Opera Software has released updates for a couple of its browsers. There’s a updated Opera Mobile for Android. The new release is Version 12.1.1 and it includes the following bug fixes: Fixed issue with commenting on Facebook Fixed issue with embedded Youtube videos Fixed issue with incorrect external URLs opening Various stability improvements. The new release is available from the Google Play Store or directly from for users of non-Google Experience Android devices. Opera Mobile requires  Android 1.6 or latter. Opera Mini for iOS (iPhone, iPod … Continue reading

SPeeDY New Opera Mobile 12.1 for Android With Improved CSS3 and HTML5 Support

Opera Mobile 12.1 for Android 1.6 and later was released today. It’s available now from the Play Store. Sideloaders can download the .apk from This release emphasizes improved performance. It includes support for additional CSS3 and HTML5 features and an implementation of Google’s SPDY “SPeeDY” protocol which reduces latency and improves page loading speed.  Fraud protection, which warns users of suspicious web pages has been added and Opera Mobile for Android now supports MIPS and Intel processors.  Here’s the full change … Continue reading

Seeking Alpha Website Is Broken in Opera and Firefox Mobile

Seeking Alpha is a big US based stock market analysis and financial site. I recently discovered that it has a mobile formatted layout which it seems to only serve to Android and iOS devices. In Safari, the Android default browser and Android Chrome, the mobile layout is attractive and seems user friendly, although scrolling in both Android browsers feels a bit laggy. On other mobile platforms like bada, Symbian, S40 and WebOS, Seeking Alpha delivers its desktop layout, which is … Continue reading

Opera Labs Brings Extensions to Opera Mobile for Android

A few days ago, Opera Labs unveiled an early release of Opera Mobile that adds support for Opera Extensions. These are small user installable programs, similar to W3C widgets, that are built with JavaScript, HTML and CSS and add functionality to the browser. The Labs release of Opera Mobile uses the same extension format and APIs as desktop Opera. Many of the extensions created for the desktop run without modification in Opera Mobile. I downloaded Opera Mobile with Extensions support from the … Continue reading

How to Use IPhone and Android Webapps in the Opera Mobile, N9, Windows Phone and Other Browsers

There are a lot of wiz bang new webapps that use rich graphics, fancy JavaScript effects and HTML5 features like geo-location and local storage. But if you have a BlackBerry, Windows Phone, N900, N9, Symbian or WebOS phone or you’re using Opera Mobile or Firefox Mobile, you probably aren’t seeing them because they are only served to IOS and Android devices Opera Mobile and Firefox Mobile and the browsers on other smartphone platforms are often as poweful or more powerfull than iOS Safari or the … Continue reading

Opera Mobile 12.0 Symbian Update One Fixes Bugs, Restores <video> Support.

Opera Software today issued an update to Opera Mobile 12.0 for Symbian.  It fixes a number of bugs and restores HTML5 <video> and <audio> support.  Here’s the changelog. Fixes: Fixed crash when logging into Twitter Fixed bug with web forms auto-submission Fixed HTML5 audio/video tags support (now we score 319 + 9 bonus points on Improved performance of zooming animations and general responsiveness during page loading Fixed a number of startup/shutdown crashes Changes for font size in opera:config can now … Continue reading