Hands On With Opera Mobile 12 For Symbian and Android

Last week, Opera Software released Opera Mobile 12.0 for Android 1.6 and up and for Symbian 3rd edition FP1 and later. Here’s a rundown of the new features in Opera Mobile 12 as well as my impressions using the new browser on both platforms. New Features on both Android and Symbian: The Start Page (image below, left) has been redesigned. Now it can store and handle more than 9 speed dials. To make adding Speed Dials easier, a new “Add … Continue reading

Opera Mobile 11.5 for Nokia N9, N950 Released

Yesterday, Opera Software released an official Opera Mobile build for the Nokia N9 and N950 Harmattan phones.  It’s available from the Nokia Store or as a deb package download from Opera. Compared with the 3rd party modified version of Opera Mobile 11 for MeeGo that’s been available for sometime, this one offers the following improvements: Upgrade to Opera Mobile 11.5 Auto-rotation support (in all four orientations) Buttons near the bottom edge of the screen behave properly The Internet connection dialog will … Continue reading

Opera Mini and Mobile For Symbian Update Fixes Opera Link Freezing

Opera Software has released important bug fix upgrades for the Symbian versions of both Opera Mini 6.5 and Opera Mobile11.5. The updates fixs a bug that caused both browsers to lock up if Opera Link bookmark synchronization was enabled. There are some other fixes including one where deleting pre-installed search engines did not “stick”. The change-log is below: Added predictive text input and language choice in search field Fixed issues with browser freezing Fixed issues with browser when Opera Link … Continue reading

How To Enable Developer Mode, Become Root and Install Opera Mobile 11 on the Nokia N9

21-Feb-2012 Opera Software released an official Opera Mobile build for the Nokia N9 and N950 Harmattan phones.  It’s available from the Nokia Store or as a deb package download from Opera. Installing the modified version as described below is no longer necessary or recommended. 31-Jan-2012 Updated post with working download link. I like the N9 Browser (see my review). It’s fast and has great HTML5 support.  But I’m a browser junkie and have to try every browser I can find.  When I discovered a version of Opera Mobile 11.0 … Continue reading

Opera Mini and Mobile Update Adds Symbian Belle Support and Better Anna Keyboard Integration

Nokia’s latest Symbian Phones, the Nokia 700 and 701 have started to ship and are already for sale in Thailand and possibly elsewhere.  These phones are running Belle, the latest iteration of the Symbian OS. As there are leaked copies of Belle firmware for the Nokia N8 floating around on the Web so many Nokia power users are also already runing the OS. However, Belle users who are also fans of Opera’s mobile browsers got a nasty surprise when they … Continue reading

What’s On My Nokia E6?

While there aren’t as many apps available for Symbian as there are for iOS and Android, I’ve always been able to find everything I need for my Symbian phones. Here are the apps I like and use on the E6 that WOMWorld/Nokia has loaned me. All are free except for Gravity: Gravity needs no introduction for most Symbian users. It’s a beautifully designed, highly intuitive and immensely powerful client for Twitter, Facebook, Identica and Foursquare. There’s rudimentary Google Reader support … Continue reading

Using Opera Mini or Mobile To Fix The E6’s Too Small Fonts

I rather like the Nokia E6 which WOMWorld/Nokia lent me. It looks and feels very elegant and the keyboard is one of the best I’ve ever used on phone. The only real issue I have with the phone is the extremely small fonts used in HTML emails (image below, left) and for some mobile Web sites like CNN (image below, right). I’ve reduced the images so that they are about the size of the E6’s 2.4 inch screen when displayed … Continue reading

Opera Mini 6.1 and Opera Mobile 11.1 – Resizable Text Selection and More

Today Opera Software released new versions of both its mobile browsers. Opera Mini 6.1 is now available at m.opera.com for Java, Symbian (2nd edition and later) and BlackBerry (OS 4.2.1 and later) devices and in the Android Market for Android 1.5 and later. Opera Mobile 11.1 is available from the same locations for Symbian (3rd edition and later) and Android 1.6 and later. My favorite improvement in both Opera Mini and Opera Mobile is with the way text selection for … Continue reading