The Best US Prepaid Data Deals

This post is no longer updated! Please visit to read the latest version. Last update: 26-Nov-2010. What’s new: Prepaid Android phones from Virgin Mobile, Cricket and MetroPCS, T-Mobile Web Day Pass, overpriced monthly prepaid smartphone plans from Verizon, $0.10/min calls on AT&T prepaid. Prepaid mobile plans are a great way to save on voice and SMS but what about data? Using data on prepaid here in the U.S. will require making some compromises. Reasonably priced prepaid data options are … Continue reading

The Best U.S. Prepaid Voice and Text Deals

This post is no longer updated! Please visit to read the current version. (Originally published in August 2009), last updated 26-Nov-2010 with removal of Virgin Mobile Texter’s Delight Plan, which is no longer offered. Prepaid mobile plans are finally getting the popularity they deserve in the U.S.  This is happening at both the high and  low ends of the market. It’s easy to see why. Post paid plans start at $40 after taxes and that’s  for a limited bucket … Continue reading

T-Mobile, AT&T and Nokia Data Configurators Gone Missing?

Last week I was trying to help a reader get an unlocked, non-T-Mobile LG phone configured for data and MMS on T-Mobile USA.  This should have been easy, T-Mobile, like almost every mobile operator in the world, has an online data configurator.  It’s a simple web form where you enter your phone number and seconds later a special provisioning message arrives in your phone’s inbox. Open the message, choose “Apply” and your phone is all set up and ready to … Continue reading