Dick’s Sporting Goods QR Code Mobile Site Promotion

Having a name that tends to make jocks snicker doesn’t seem to have hurt Dick’s Sporting Goods‘s business. The largest publicly traded athletic store chain in the country operates 409 brick and mortar stores in the US as well as a an online shopping site at dickssportinggoods.com. Dick’s just went mobile with an attractive mobile new Website at dsports.mobi.  It was launched with a 2D barcode promotion on what is allegedly the world’s largest HDTV video screen during the nationally … Continue reading

CTIA Endorses 2D Barcodes

Today the CTIA announced a “Camera-Phone Based Barcode Scanning White Paper” (PDF) at the morning keynote. There was a demonstration of scanning a bar code with a camera phone to launch a video on the handset. The white paper describes a somewhat complicated indirect access architecture where the code scanning application sends an identifier to a central “Clearing House” which routes it to a “Campaign Manager” associated with a particular service.  The Campaign Manager then sends a message to the handset application directing it … Continue reading

QR Codes

It looks like mobile 2D barcodes are starting to catch on in Europe at least. When I was in Japan a couple of years ago they were everywhere, on handbills, maps, business cards, product packaging and in magazines. The idea is that you point a camera phone at a barcode and take a picture. Software in the phone decodes the image and takes you to a mobile website, downloads a ringtone or adds contact information to your phone’s address book. … Continue reading