New Nokia Web Tools 2.0 Makes Creating Series 40 Web Apps Easier Than Ever

In my Nokia Series 40 Browser V 2.0.2 Review, I mentioned that the phone supports running Series 40 web apps. They have a look and feel similar to native apps and can use device features including geolocation and messaging. This post takes a look at Nokia Web Tools,  a set of applications for creating, testing and deploying  these apps. Series 40 web apps are built using the familiar web technologies of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. While you  theoretically could  create web … Continue reading

Nokia Series 40 Browser V 2.0.2 Review

Nokia has lent me a Nokia Asha 303 S40 Touch and Type phone that I’ve been using to explore the latest Nokia Browser for S40 devices. The Nokia browser is a proxy browser like Opera Mini and the UC Browser. When the user requests a page, the browser sends the request to a Nokia server which fetches the page and pre-formats the content before sending it to the browser as a compressed binary stream. Proxy browsers are especially well suited … Continue reading

CES Impressions – Palm, Nokia, Skype

I’m not actually AT CES but I’ve been following it on the blogosphere.  The big mobile announcement is of course the Palm Pre.  It’s the first device running the  long awaited (and twice delayed) Linux based, next generation Palm platform, which is called WebOS rather than Nova.  Very iPhonesque in appearance,  but with a slide out QWERY keyboard, the Pre features a multi-touch UI.  The few people who’ve been allowed to play with it have  found the user experience be … Continue reading